Hemendra Kumar Roy (2 September – 18 April ) was a Bengali writer noted for his contribution to the early development of the genre of children’s. download song mp3 Abar Jokher Dhan Episode 1 free from youtube, Abar Jokher Dhan Episode 1 3gp clip and mp3 song. Abar Jokher Dhon by Hemendra Kumar Roy. 26 Monday Oct Posted by subbowarrior in Hemendra Kumar Roy, Mistery. ≈ Leave a comment.

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List of works by Hemendra Kumar Roy. This page was last edited on jakheer Novemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Hemendra Kumar Roy Bengali: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One of the recurring characters in his stories and novels featuring Jayanta-Manik was Inspector Sunderbabu, a chubby and somewhat-cowardly police officer with an insatiable appetite who was also a good friend to the detectives.

He was monumental in contributing a body of detective, horror, and science-fiction work that would form a substantial portion of the early literature for children in Bengali.

Retrieved 2 August Retrieved 20 July He adapted some foreign author’s stories in Bengali. He was also a painter and the choreographer for Shishirkumar Bhaduri’s Seeta. Inhe wrote his first detective story which was published in Mouchak. Jakjer from ” https: Pinaki Roywho has offered post-colonial interpretations of Bengali detective fictiongives primacy to Roy more as a writer of sleuth narratives than of children’s literature.

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Abar Jokher Dhon by Hemendra Kumar Roy | amarchhelebela

Roy inherited a part of his artistic talent from his father who was a more than competent player of the esraj a string instrument and regularly gave performance at the famed Star Theatre in North Kolkata. A television serial in the same name was also telecast. He also composed a number of horror stories for children.

His story Nishithini Bibhisikha was adapted for Bengali movie named Jighansha Apart from literary productions for children, Roy also wrote numerous essays, short stories, and novels for adults.

During the next few decades, Hemendrakumar Ray wrote over 80 books for children. It was Bimal-Kumar’s adventure story Jokher Avarfor which he is famous in Bengali literature for children.

Download Abar Jokher Dhan Episode 1

One of his stories, ‘Dersho Khokar Kando’ that is, ‘The Deeds of Boys’ was made into a film, while several of his works, namely Abar Jokher Dhon and Ratrir Jatrihave been jalher for television. He is best remembered as the creator of Bimal-Kumar, the adventurer duo and Jayanta-Manik the detective duo.


Inhe joined the circle of writers that published in the Bharati journal edited by Sourindramohan Mukherjee and Manilal Ganguly. Apart from this magazine, he helped edit other literary magazines including Rongmoshal.

His first published work was a short-story Amar Kahini that appeared in the magazine Basudha in One of his short stories, Sindur Chupriwas translated into German and was included in a collection of short stories. He was a dhwn believer in supernaturals according to Khagendranath Mitra in his Introduction to Hemendra Kumar Roy RachanabaliVolume 1 jakhr he used the supernatural jakyer in several of his adventure and mystery stories.

Pinaki Roy credits the litterateur for initiating a trend which would ultimately bring Bengali detective-story-writing from its colonial phase to its anti-imperialistic one: Kazi Nazrul Islam composed music for the lyrics of Hemendra Kumar. The three main character of this series – Atal, Patol and Nakul – won huge popularity among the children and youngsters.

InHemendrakumar Ray became the editor of Nachghar.