to the Air Force Journal of Logistics, Ward Street, Maxwell AFB, Gunter Expeditionary Logistics for the 21st Century (eLog21) goals. Since the early s, the U.S. Air Force Logistics Community has improving logistics operations, eLog21 represented the Air Force’s. The AF logistics transformation initiative, Expeditionary Logistics for the 21st Century (eLog21), represents the Air Force’s commitment to transform current.

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In other words, although the Air Force would still manage reparable items, determine the quantities to be purchased, and initiate contracts for repair of these parts, the DLA would source and procure the new parts.

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At the same time, they expressed a general frustration with an inability to control their work processes and achieve positive results. Determine if any modifications in policy are required and, if so, identify them and make recommendations for changes in Air Force regulations, policies, and strategies to accomplish the sustainment goals of the Air Force. For future system acquisitions, however, as part of initial program planning, strong consideration must be given to a single government en.

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Expeditionary Combat Support System (ECSS) – ppt download

There is, however, a much more insidious issue: One can only imagine how this diagram would look if expanded to represent all of the systems that forcs supported by the ALCs.

In addition, the growth in safety-critical SLOC is notable.

These centers are designated by the Service Secretaries and offer the industrial complex the opportunity to partner with commercial industry to gain technological investment and better support future technologies. The LTO is responsible for gathering end-user requirements and ultimately is the voice of, and the advocate for, the end user community. Significant growth in software content across Air Oogistics systems is driven by multiple factors.

Repair technologies—that is, the capability to repair systems and parts—at the ALCs appear to lag behind the introduction aur new elog211, in part because design data packages are lacking early fotce the fielding of new systems and because the ALCs initially rely on contractor logistics support, which is a significant chal.


Personal communication by the committee with Gustavo Urzua, The Boeing Company, who acknowledged that the data source was the Air Force total ownership cost database. CMMI can be used to guide process improvement across a project, division, or an entire organization. A plan approved by a Board of Directors BODconsisting of the most senior leaders of the functional activities, exists for each functional alignment and identifies, prioritizes, aligns, and synchronizes investment efforts for the oogistics entities.

Readiness is addressed in terms of operational goals established by the most senior leadership consistent with strategic and tactical doctrine.

In one form or another, the committee repeatedly heard similar stories about the condition of management systems to support parts requirements generation or production support.

The Air Force has used a variety of sustainment practices for new weapon systems and major modifications on older weapon systems without due consideration of their impacts on the sustainment enterprise. Under the organizational structure, the ALC commander runs the facility as a coordinating and communicating officer rather than an executive with authority to direct all of the key elements of the sustainment process. For example, within weapon system and product management, there are product engineering, condition of equipment reviews, corrective action planning, modification management, maintenance planning and evaluations, configuration management, technical documentation updates, and safety processes.

Consequently, a holistic perspective was taken of the past, present, and future outlooks for assessing resourcing investments. The Air Force has developed a very strong weapon system software capability, which can eloy21 used to improve future weapon system sustainment. These short-term or longer-term effects place the acquisition community and the sustainment community at great odds.

Also, you can type in a page number and press Enter to go directly to that page in the book. Problem reports and deficiencies corrections are incorporated into releases that support such capability unless they are urgent enough to ground the aircraft for immediate fixes. Over the years, Title 10 of the U.


In other words, the private-sector pay scale for engineers, for example, could be matched. The NAE established the behavior model, organization, and processes to 35 Provide clear definition, organization, and planning process to achieve the Single Fleet Driven Metrics for readiness and sustainment.

We’d love to meet you. There was enough evidence to suggest that the many pieces of the metric result in no one fully taking accountability and responsibility for the performance. Such initiative should be noticed, but the commanders and directors should receive clear guidance and should be held accountable for execution.

Expeditionary Combat Support System (ECSS)

However, it is not an efficient enterprise either. In the absence of desired improvements to the design, maintenance can only assure that the system does not deteriorate below the design objective. Personal communication to the committee on May 16, In doing so, the Air Force did not always stipulate the needs for individual contractors to use data gathering and analysis systems that would be compatible with Air Force systems, for specific engineering processes to continually review the fleet status, and for altering maintenance and sustainment processes, as well as the Technical Orders.

The Air Force should focus the same, arguably more, attention and investment as that given to equipment in the actual weapon system on tools used for software maintenance. When a goal logisticz generally understood, then there are more likely to be a common purpose and higher probability of success.

Laudably, the Air Force acquisition and sustainment communities are working together and embrace the concept shown in Figure As directed by the TOR, the. In addition, there were no aif plans for recovery when AA or delivery fell below target levels.

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