In this bold and provocative new book, the author of In the Beginning and The Reenchantment of Nature challenges the widely held assumption that the world. The Twilight of Atheism has ratings and 42 reviews. In the Twilight of Atheism, Alister McGrath gives readers a historical overview of atheism that includes. The Twilight of Atheism. Why this once exciting and ‘liberating’ philosophy failed to capture the world’s imagination. by Alister McGrath|.

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Although it cannot be denied that Pentecostalism, with over half a billion adherents worldwide, has certainly made a tremendous impact, McGrath gives no evidence whatsoever that these growing numbers of Pentecostals are having an inverse affect on atheist numbers.

The Twilight Of Atheism : Alister McGrath :

If “faith” is defined as “belief lying beyond proof,” both Christianity and atheism are faiths. Believing in God or any supernatural agency therefore requires that the believer make an external assumption. Also contributing was the failure of religious imagination; atheism twilitht simply more interesting and invigorating to people.

McGrath’s bottom line, as I understand it, is that atheism isn’t doing very well these days because it’s not compatible with the postmodern world view that’s prevalent. But using postmodernism as any kind of rhetorical defense at this late date really only succeeds in muddying the waters, obscuring McGrath’s argument in a haze of conflicting impulses.

The Twilight of Atheism by Alister McGrath

twiligut At the end of the book, McGrath loses his last vestiges of historical objectivity, and it is hard not to detect the creeping triumphalism in his authorial voice.

Non-Christian faiths are barely mentioned; there is an anecdote about the triumph of Christianity in Korea in the 20th century which simply does not refer to other religions practised by Koreans.

The Best Jazz of Twilight of Atheism traces the timeline and geography of atheism that has encompassed different parts of the world.

But throughout his history McGrath offers tne puzzling elisions and leaps of logic. Yet I still absolutely love McGrath’s voice, no matter what the topic.

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Finally, atheism failed to capture the imagination of people. More than that, he is writing from the tje position of an ex -atheist, a confirmed Christian believer who fell away from faithlessness in his twenties. It was a world evacuated of God, to be sure — but the process of extraction appeared to have sucked the world dry of many of the vital stimuli for creativity and exhilaration.


The Twilight of Atheism: The Rise and Fall of Disbelief in the Modern World

And although McGrath fails to convince on a few different points, the compelling and disheartening thought that the reader is left with by the end of the atgeism can not be denied, which is this: Those who want it will always find it. At some point, perhaps one that can never be determined with historical accuracy, Western society came to believe that it should look elsewhere than mcgrathh its clergy for guidance.

I was a bit disappointed to find the persistence of that romantic argument against the enlightenment and its thinkers Jun 06, Dan rated it liked it. And more recent bestsellers are opening the question if atheism is really declining at all. Jul 19, Alex rated it really liked it. McGrath, as a Reformation scholar, even suggests, by drawing together a number of scholarly studies on the origins and development of Protestantism, that there is a significant link between the Reformation and the emergence of atheism.

The argument is a flawed one — indeed, ridiculous. Perhaps I am too cynical, but it seems to me that this is ultimately more condescending to religion alistsr it posits that the ultimate goal of belief is to culminate in a social function not unlike a football game. He has practically enough subtitles to guide any confounded reader through Mino’s maze — I felt like he was micromanaging the mcgratth a bit.

Robinson accuses Dawkins, in so aggressively fighting off theist advances, of propounding cultural eugenicism, adopting Dawkins’ own memetic metaphor to extend to the forced extermination of mcgrrath memes.

The Twilight of Atheism by Alister McGrath – PopMatters

I’d have to agree with that statement, except probably not for the same reasons McGrath intended. The Twilight of Atheism – US. Robinson does not foreswear the use of a computer and electric light in her writing? One might argue that Soviet leaders’ atheism left them without a moral compass and thus was the root of their evil, but god-belief hasn’t athheism enough to stop many similarly evil rulers and underlings over the ages, so that hardly seems much of an argument.


This has become one of Richard Dawkins weapons against theistic belief. The child knows someone must have written these books. Any group of people who are unified by the ot in which they deviate from the od norm will necessarily be resentful of that societal norm, especially if you whittle the sample down to those who are willing to congregate together on behalf of their differences.

Apr 14, Toks rated it really liked it Shelves: In the middle of the book, McGrath offers a “personal narrative”, athesm — oh! The first mcgraty of “The Twilight of Atheism” is an outstanding illustration of the historical rise of atheism, easily worthy of five stars.

He gets away with this because his book does, for the most part, address an idea of ‘atheism’ that is, indeed, the other side of the belief-coin. It needs to be heard. The English title is much better: The law of non contradiction athism — discourse has no meaning otherwise, The Laister of Atheism: Feb 24, Robert Pajer rated it really liked it. No wonder than a group like American Atheists would have, as National Review reporter Andrew Stuttaford described, “chips on their shoulders”.

Generations of Christian scholars and apologists have sidestepped their religion’s history of intolerance and occasional violence by taking solace in the basic truth of Christ’s life and words. This is an informative book about the earlier times os nonbelief and atheism.

Elsewhere, he overreaches entirely, as in discussing science v. Himself a former atheist, McGrath writes of atheism as a historian, examining its rise and apparent decline as a result of various cultural forces.

One big min is that the book has no footnotes in Dutch translation. Quotes from The Twilight of A