Amercoat Chemical Resistant Lining. Product Data/. Application Instructions. • High Solids, high performance epoxy novolac also defined. Amercoat – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. This Safety Data Sheet is prepared in accordance with Annex II to Regulation ( EC) No. / AMERCOAT CHEMICAL LINING CURE.

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Thin according to local air regulations. Color matches are approximate.

Amercoat 253 pdf

Curing in stagnant air conditions will lead to a smooth, glazed finish that will require abrading prior ajercoat overcoating. Do not thin Hi-Temp with any other solvent.

Use the form below or send an email to Name Phone Email Message Your privacy We will only use this information to amerocat your enquiry. Mixed paint is ready for use. Alternately, power tool clean to uniformly abrade the surface or lightly abrasive blast with a fine abrasive to produce a uniform and dense anchor profile of mils.

No induction time is required. Do not prime stainless steel with a zinc primer. Adding too much accelerator may will adversely affect the recoatability, appearance, and performance of the products. Cross spray at right angles to first pass until the specified thickness is achieved.

SML Marine Paints – Amercoat by Ameron is comparable to Tankguard Sp. Topcoat

Addition of Amercoat accelerator is recommended for this procedure. The product can also be trowel applied for small areas Mixing Pot life Mixing ratio – Mix full units as packaged only. Shelf Life Liquid and activator 10 months from date of manufacture when stored indoors in the original unopened container.


Once these areas are primed and dry, apply one coat of Hi-Temp VS at 2 to 2.

Use a high quality natural bristle brush Ensure brush is well loaded to avoid air entrainment. Use standard conventional spray guns. This is a solvent borne paint and care amedcoat be taken to avoid inhalation of spray mist or vapour as well as contact between the wet paint and exposed skin or eyes. Allow to cure overnight. Anti-corrosive system should have a minimum dry film thickness of 10 mils.

Apply a test patch to confirm compatibility and adhesion. Amercoat A may be used as a pit filler for certain applications. The surface must amerfoat a measurable profile. Slowly incorporate glass flake additive under agitation over minutes to ensure the glass flake is thoroughly mixed. Slowly add powder under moderate agitation in a vortex.

Check with PPG technical service for the maximum allowable soluble salt level for water immersion service. Expose to a maximum of 6 hours of direct sunlight prior to recoating. Additional Information Paint Prepared by: For low temperature applications, it will be necessary to add Amercoat amrcoat to a mixed kit of Tideguard A as follows: Amercoat A may be used as a pit filler for severely pitted steel and surface discontinuities.


Spray application is recommended as the best method to obtain a closed film within the film amercoar limits. Silicone Acrylic Dry Temperature Resistance: For optimum service life, the surface must be completely free of all contaminants More information. Start display at page:. Applicable over surface treatments such as MIL-C Alternately, lightly ameercoat blast with fine abrasive to produce a uniform and dense anchor profile of mils.

Cracks, chips and broken or flaking areas in concrete are not only unsightly, they can lead to further deterioration of the surface. Gradually add powder and mix until the cement is uniformly blended to a workable consistency. Mechanical surface preparation should expose ametcoat voids and provide a surface profile equivalent to 80 grit sandpaper or coarser.

This tool should be used as a guide only. Do not apply over acrylic coatings or coatings that exhibit poor solvent resistance. Aspects of rheology to consider for different application methods Alan Guy Safinah Ltd 28 th October amervoat. Application by airless spray will require a mastic gun with a inch spray tip.