Transcript of ANALISIS BROMATOLOGICO DEL PAN. OBJETIVOS -Fijar las características principales del pan desde la naturaleza y calidad. Análisis bromatológico de las variggades En el Cuadro 22, se expresan los resultados de los análisis bromatológicos del grano de maíz correspondientes a . Análisis bromatologico con dos mazorcas de maíz JC 24 de semillas Valle Verde .

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anwlisis Effect of substituting hydroponic green barley forage for a commercial feed on performance of growing rabbits. Digestible energy determination of potato in growing pigs and adjustment of prediction equations. Nutritional evaluation of tree forages using animals in metabolic cages.

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The effect of BCT on the fermentation of F. The lipid profile in clinical biochemistry and animal production is a very important tool for research to understand the basic metabolism related to the type of line used. Los consumos promedio fueron inferiores a bgomatologico recomendaciones del NRC para los niveles productivos y condiciones ambientales de la granja.

Seed morphology of 75 common bean Phaseolus vulgaris L. Effect of fat supplementation on milk chemicals composition in buffaloes Bubalus bubalis in the tropical valley of colombian zone. Universidad de La Salle, labernal unisalle.

Consultado el 30 de octubre del Bromtaologico mismo patrones fueron determinados por Castillo et al. Utilization of Sambucus nigra and Smallanthus sonchifolius bromatolovico the performance and apparent fecal digestibility of dry matter in the lifting of rabbits. Agriculture and Human Values Las cerdas se clasificaron en tres grupos: Apparent digestibility of ingredients from plants and animal for cachama Piaractus brachypomus. Evaluation of three sources of zinc in broilers.


Effects of the source and inclusion level of starch in the feed supplement on milk production and milk quality in Holstein cows in second third. Molecular characterization of rumen bacteria, rumen parameters and digestibility of steers fed diets of different ratios of forage corn silage to concentrate in the diet.

Grupo control sin Glicerina con 1. Estimation of fresh forage intake by Holstein cows grazing during the transitional period. Parameters of rumen fermentation in vitro of kikuyu grass Pennisetum clandestinum supplemented with ethanol by- products.

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Las sustancias en estudio fueron: Por tanto, Fuentes-Carmona et al. Thichostrongylus sppcoccidias ; Thichostrongyluscoccidias ; Thichostrongylus 1.

Rea H, Mora M. Changes in protein, NDF, ADF, lignin and micotoxins content and in vitro dry matter degradability during the preparation and utilization of the growth bed of the mushroom Agaricus bisporum. Comparison of the nutrient intake and digestibility and live weight gain of steers fattened in an intensive silvopastoral or in a confinement system. La colecta se hizo al azar en diferentes plantas de cada especie. Se evaluaron tres tratamientos: Effect of time of ensiling on the nutritional quality of forage species.

Se seleccionaron dos animales por tratamiento al final del experimento para ser sacrificados y evaluar el rendimiento y calidad de la canal. Se utilizan 18 hembras ovinas de pelo mestizas, con peso inicial de Methodology development of unconventional raw materials digestibility determination in fresh water fishes. Se concluye que el LPS de E. Existe una tendencia mundial de los consumidores por preferir productos originados de forma ambientalmente sana.

Requerimientos nutritivos del conejo. Se incubaron in vitro en liquido ruminal proveniente de tres vacas Holstein canuladas. The effects of supplementing diets with saturated or unprotected polyunsaturated fatty acids PUFA from 2 different plant oils rich in either n -3 or n -6 fatty acids associated with DHA-rich algae were evaluated on changes in the proportion of triglycerides TG and phospholipids PL of the milk fat and in the fatty acid FA composition of them.


In Experiments Four and Five, great differences were observed in the ability of condensed tannins from different legumes to inhibit the fermentation of substrates. Effect of sources of nitrogen fertilization on productivity and quality of forage grass in the Colombian Caribbean. El valorde ED de S. Se utilizaron 24 cerdos machos de Los valores de EMAn estimados fueron los siguientes: However, results from the first three experiments suggested that BCT are more effective at inhibiting the fermentation of substrates than ECT.

Efecto del gluconato de sodio y cistina sobre el rendimiento y cortes de la canal en pollos de engorde. Brkmatologico concluye que comparada con una OF de 2. Los valores promedio de cada fuente suplementaria de Zn, sin incluir el sexo, fuerony g para el peso final;y bromatoloigco para el consumo de alimento y 1.

Los colores y nombres locales predominantes fueron Amarillo y Ensaladilla mezcla de tipos y colores de semillaambos con una frecuencia de Morfhometric comparison of the intestinal mucosa pre and post- hatching commercial chickens and chicken creole.

Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias. Evaluation of the snalisis of yeast derived from the fermentation of banana residues during the production of ethanol in the diet of broilers. Se utilizaron 15 corderos F1, con un peso inicial promedio de