Art Tatum – Book Score, Biografy of one of the most important Jazz Tenderly. Original sheet music with cover, from the movie “Torch Song”, with Joan Crawford . Watch the video for Tenderly from Art Tatum’s The Complete Pablo Solo Masterpieces for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Tenderly. By Art Tatum. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Tenderly The Art Tatum Solo Masterpieces, Vol. Listen to Art Tatum in full in the Spotify app.

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Jazz soloing in the s had not yet evolved into the free-ranging extended improvisations that flowered in the bebop era of the s, s and beyond.

Jazz historian and commentator Ira Gitler declared that Tatum’s “left hand was the equal of his right. You couldn’t pick out what he was doing because his fingers were so smooth and soft, and the way he did it — it was like camouflage. Unfortunately, all of the kinescopes of the Allen shows, which were stored in a warehouse along with other now defunct shows, were thrown into a local rubbish dump to make room for new studios. Williams, Steven Mayer and Christopher Jordan, and, outside of the usual roster of jazz pianists, Andre Previn — have attempted to seriously emulate or challenge Tatum.

Art Tatum – Tenderly

This technique casts a familiar theme in a fresh light and gives the music an unexpected quality. In a Voice of America interview, he denied the widespread rumor that he tenderlj to play by copying piano roll recordings made by two pianists.

Then you get all the finest jazz pianists in the world and let them play in the presence of Art Tatum. He was an innovator in reharmonizing melodies by changing the supporting chord progressions or by altering the root movements of a piece.

He’d play the record but he’d improvise over what Earl was doing That’s where his genius is. Tatum’s work was used and referenced heavily in the WB TV series Everwoodwith some actual sound recordings used and compositions being performed in concerts by Ephram Brown portrayed by Gregory Smith in select episodes.

I mean, what tenrerly I add? Using computer equipment coupled with a high-resolution player piano, they created re-performances of Tatum’s first four commercial tracks, from March 21,and the nine tracks from the April 2, live concert at Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium.


Art Tatum-Tenderly – Videos, Songs, Discography, Lyrics

Bilmes, a MIT student invented a term that is now in common usage in the field of computational musicology: He seems to celebrate and mock these timeless melodies all at once. Johnson and Fats Waller, who exemplified the stride piano style, and from the more “modern” Earl Hines, six years Tatum’s senior.

Tatum demonstrated remarkable memory when he recorded 68 solo tracks for Norman Granz in two days, all but three of the tracks in one take. He didn’t make tatu big show of moving around and waving his hands and going through all sorts of physical gyrations to produce the music that he produced, so that in itself is amazing.

Jazz pianist Oscar Peterson requested a live presentation, which he heard in an emotional re-performance in his home in March He’s the guy I put on when I want to feel really small laughs. When Charles enters a nightclub he remarks, “Are my ears deceiving me or is that Art Tatum? fenderly

Art Tatum is absolutely the most incredible musician – what can you say? Non-pianist musicians influenced by Tatum’s improvisational virtuosity include Jerry Garcia tenerly The Grateful Dead who was quoted in the June edition of Frets Magazine as saying: A number of surgical procedures improved his eye condition to a degree but some of the benefits were reversed when he was assaulted in at age Tatum’s repertoire consisted mainly of music from the Great American Songbook — Tin Pan Alley, Broadway and other popular music of the 20s, 30s and 40s.

He used the sustain pedal sparingly so that each note was clearly articulated, chords were cleanly sounded and the melodic line would not be blurred. He was not challenged further until stride specialist Donald Lambert initiated a half-serious rivalry with him.

Willow, Tatumm For Me. If you put a piano in a room, just a bare piano. Benny Green wrote in his collected work of essays, The Reluctant Art, that “Tatum has been the only jazz musician to date who has made an attempt to conceive a style based upon all styles, to master the mannerisms of all schools and then synthesize those into something personal.

Although recording opportunities were somewhat intermittent for most of his career due to his solo style, he left copious recordings. Perhaps the most famous is the story about the time Tatum walked into a club where Fats Waller was playing, and Waller stepped away from the piano bench to make way for Tatum, announcing, “I only play the piano, but tonight Zrt is in the house.


In the late s, he returned to play and record in Los Angeles and New York.

‎Tenderly by Art Tatum on Apple Music

He seldom played in a simplified way, preferring interpretations that displayed his great technique and clever harmonizations. He did not indulge in theatrical physical or facial expression.

One of Tatum’s innovations was his extensive use of the pentatonic scale, which may have inspired later pianists to further mine its possibilities as a device for soloing. Mainstream jazz piano has gone in a different direction than that pioneered by Tatum. Although Tatum was not known as a composer, his versions of popular numbers were so original as to border on composition.

To me, he was the world’s greatest blues player, and I think few people realized that. Tatum appeared in the movie The Fabulous Dorseys, first playing a solo and then accompanying Dorsey’s band in an impromptu song. Once the young Peterson was finally persuaded that it was performed by a single person, Peterson was so intimidated that he did not touch the piano for weeks.

He introduced a strong, swinging pulse to jazz piano, highlighted twnderly spectacular cadenzas that swept across the entire keyboard. It means “the smallest perceptual time unit in music” and is a tribute to Tatum’s pianistic velocity. During the tour, Adelaide discovered Tatum in Toledo and employed him as one of her stage pianists.

More by Art Tatum

He used to buy all of Earl’s records and would improvise on them. Sony recorded these anew in the same venue, in front of a live audience.

Numerous stories exist about other musicians’ respect for Tatum. These interpretations are unsurpassed in conception and inventiveness by anything that has been recorded since.