ASTM D Standard Test Method for Water Absorption of Rigid Cellular Plastics. ASTM D Water Absorption – Designation: D – 01 Standard Test Method for Water Abs. ASTM D 06 Water Absorption Test Method – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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To determine resistance to water vapor transmission, see Test Methods E By knowing the volume and initial dry weight of the sample, the initial buoyant force can be calculated or the initial buoyant force can be determined by direct measurement. D842 is the interval representing the critical difference between two test results for the same material, obtained by different operators using different equipment in different laboratories.

Procedure A shall astk used for materials that either experience rapid water absorption or that show an increase in volume during the exposure period, or both. Chemistry is the Science Behind Sustainability — the products, technologies and innovations enabled by the chemical industry are essential to a sustainable future.

It is applicable to specific end-use design requirements only to the extent that the end-use conditions are similar to the immersion period normally 96 h and 5. All machined or sawed surfaces may be further smoothed by slicing techniques or sanding with No.

d22842 It is obtained by pooling the within-laboratory standard deviations of the test results from all of the participating laboratories: Focus the projector on the wall or screen so that sharp image shadowgraph results.


For example, water absorption of some types of molded cellular plastics have been found to depend primarily on the volume rather than exposed surface area.

ASTM D – 12 Standard Test Method for Water Absorption of Rigid Cellular Plastics

The average sphere diameter is larger than the average circular segment diameter, d8, because the cells are randomly truncated with respect to depth at the plane of asmt specimen surface. Jobs The business of chemistry providesskilled, good-paying American jobs.

For each material, all the samples were prepared at one source, but the individual specimens were prepared at the laboratories which tested them.

Combination of Eq X1. Development of this test method has taken into account the most serious of the possible sources of error. This test method accounts for this error in that all calculations are based on the true specimen volume. In this procedure the only submerged measurement required is a nal weighing taken after the h immersion period.

The validity of this extrapolation will depend on the mechanism through which water is absorbed for the particular species of cellular plastic being considered. News View our resource center to find press releases, testimonies, infographics and more.

It is intended for use in specifications, product evaluation, and quality control.

ASTM D2842 – 12

The volume occupied by closed cells is considered to include cell walls. The relationship between t and the average cell diameter d8, appearing at the plane of the cut surface may be calculated as follows: The business of chemistry providesskilled, good-paying American jobs.


Adjust the water level to maintain a 5. View our resource center to find press releases, testimonies, infographics and more. If the surface-to-volume ratios for the test specimens and the corresponding products are different, the test results may be misleading.

ASTM D Water Absorption_百度文库

Any test specimen preparation, conditioning, dimensions, or testing parameters covered in the materials specication, or both, shall take precedence over those mentioned in this test method. Slice thickness should be as thin as practical so that shadowgraph will not be occluded by overlapping cell walls. Reagents and Materials 7. For the convenience of the user, Committee D20 has highlighted those changes that may impact the use of this test method.

The principles of Your comments will receive careful consideration at a meeting of the responsible technical committee, asstm you may attend. Be sure that the submerged jig is free of trapped air bubbles. Optimum slice thickness will vary with the average cell size of the foam with larger cell foams requiring thicker slices. For convenience, remove the surface water from the specimen with a towel before measuring.

Balance must have provision for attaching wire sling below balance platform for making submerged weighings.