UWP Model , Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve – Conforms to AWWA C – DI Bodies translate into pure strength achieving three times that of Cast Iron alone. AWWA C Rubber-Seated Butterfly Valves. Document Language: English; Published By: American Water Works Association (AWWA); Page Count: The butterfly valves shall conform to the latest edition of AWWA-C Standard for Rubber Seated Flanged AWWA Butterfly Valves. The valves and actuators.

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AWWA Specification – Stealth Valve & Controls Ltd.

Inspection Prior to Installation Contact United Water Products Each valve shall have a one-piece shaft extending completely through the valve disc or have a stub-shaft arrangement, as described below. Model Data Sheet. Do not expose rubber seats to sunlight or ozone for any extended period.

If the purchaser specifies a wetted component that was not part of the tested and certified valve, the certification may not be valid. This standard recommends seating surfaces of stainless steel or nickel-copper alloy in cases where valves are to be operated more frequently than once a month. Turbulence will be considered only if information on piping conditions is provided according to item 27 of Sec. An actuator that employs fluid power and mechanically converts hydraulic or pneumatic pressure acting on a piston within a cylinder.

The c50 diameter of the shaft shall be capable of transmitting the maximum calculated valve-operating torque without the torsional shear stress exceeding 40 percent of the yield strength of the shaft material. If a leakage test in both directions is required.

A bearing that is provided on the shaft outboard of the shaft seal or in the actuator housing to protect the shaft seal from side-thrust forces induced by the actuator.


The number of cycles shall be in accordance with Table 4. If severe service conditions exist, the purchaser should consider an epoxy coating.

This may result in a significant unwarranted expense. This removes most of the static load and allows identification c50 piping fit problems during installation and easier removal of the valve for maintenance.

Generally, modern butterfly-valve designs for water service include cast-body construction in psi kPapsi kPapsi 1,kPaand psi 1,kPa pressure classes; flanged, mechanical-joint, and wafer bodies; rubber seats in valve bodies or on the valve v504 and operating conditions limited by the design shutoff pressure and velocities of water flow that produce torques considered maximum awea the shaft size used.

Shaft seals shall be designed for the use of standard V-type packing; O-ring seals; O-ring loaded U-cup seals; or a pull-down packing. Information or data required from the valve manufacturer or supplier.

Detailed description of nonstandard end connections Sec. This standard also accepts sprayed mating-seat surfaces when the surfaces are applied under certain conditions. Additionally, the seat, seat hardware, bearings, body gaskets, and shaft seals shall be replaced. Individual states or local agencies have authority to accept or accredit certification organizations within their jurisdiction.

This standard allows a party other than the valve manufacturer to mount an actuator to a valve. A supplier may or may not be the manufacturer. The 5c04 of high velocities and asymmetrical turbulent flow conditions can result in high loads and torque awaw, which are unaccounted for in this standard.

Buried Valves Larger Than 48 In. Valve swwa shall be wrought stainless steel or nickel-copper alloy. When valves are provided with flanged ends in buried applications, the purchaser is advised to consider providing means to accommodate issues such as differential settlement, capability to remove the valve or actuator for maintenance access to the valve interior for inspection, support of the valve, and controlling the shear loading on the adjacent pipe flanges.


This is especially necessary on pipe with linings and when wafer valves are used. A flangeless body valve having a minimal face-to-face laying length designed to be installed between pipe flanges. AWWA publication of a standard does not constitute endorsement of any product or product wawa, nor does AWWA test, certify, or approve any product.

Municipal Products

No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information or retrieval system, except in the form of brief excerpts or quotations for review purposes, without the written permission of the publisher.

A circular seal between the valve shaft and the inside cylindrical surface of the body hub that prevents the pressurized water from exiting and outside contaminants from entering the valve body in the area where the shaft protrudes through the body. Aww maintain the integrity of valves wawa than 48 in. Valve discs shall be of a cast or fabricated design with no external ribs transverse to the flow.

In addition, manual actuators shall be tested while the actuator components are against the open and the closed stop-limiting devices referred to in Sec. Test pressures above valve rated pressure may cause leakage past the rubber seat and damage to the valve.

All valves shall be fitted with sleeve type non-metallic, non-corrosive, self-lubricating bearings.