The British government decided to endorse the establishment of a Jewish home in Palestine. After discussions within the cabinet and consultations with Jewish. The Balfour Declaration was a statement of support made by the British Government for the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people in Eretz. A decade later, as British foreign secretary, he wrote the document known as the Balfour Declaration, which recognized the Jewish people’s.

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Bashar al-Assad, faced an unprecedented challenge to its….

Who Wrote the Balfour Declaration and Why: The World War I Connection

By providing, as one of the main obligations of the mandatory Power the facilitation of Jewish immigration, it conferred upon the Jews an opportunity, through large-scale immigration, to create eventually a Jewish State with a Jewish majority.

Camp and Combat on the Sinai and Palestine Front: I believe this letter is part of the false claims made by Chaim Weizmann and Lawrence to lead astray public opinion.

Indiana University Press,pp. Interpretation of the wording has been sought in the correspondence leading to the final version of the declaration. His Life and Letters. They considered we were steering straight upon the latter, and the very last thing they would do was to enlarge that State for they totally disapproved our policy. The Battle for Palestine, Sanders writes that a week later Lucien Wolf, a prominent British journalist and Jewish leader, also sent a letter to the Foreign Office promoting the idea of working to propagandize American Jews so that they would work to bring the U.


The Zionist leaders [Mr. Acting through Balfour, the Zionists arranged for Morgenthau and Frankfurter to meet Dr Weizmann at Gibraltar, where he deterred Morgenthau from his task. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Retrieved 23 July One Land, Two States: The day after that, Sokolow and Picot met alone at the French embassy, on this occasion Picot said “He personally would see that the facts about Zionism were communicated to the proper quarters and he would do his best to win for the movement whatever sympathies were necessary to be won so far as compatible with the French standpoint on this question.

Please try again later. The intended boundaries of Palestine were not specified, and the British government later confirmed that the words “in Palestine” meant that the Jewish national home was not intended to cover all of Palestine. To this he said: Britain’s willingness, beginning early into explore seriously some kind of arrangement with “world Jewry” or “Great Jewry” must be understood in this context. The pledge excluded “portions of Syria ” lying to the west of “the districts of Damascus, HomsHama and Aleppo “.

Kedourie, Elie 19 December []. The High Walls of Jerusalem: Asquith, who had favored post-war reform of the Ottoman Empire, resigned in December ; his replacement David Lloyd Georgefavored partition of the Empire.

On the other hand, it was contemplated that when the time arrived for according representative institutions to Palestine, if the Jews had meanwhile responded to the opportunity afforded them by the idea of a national home and had become a definite majority of the inhabitants, then Palestine would thus become a Jewish Commonwealth. It greatly increased popular support for Zionism within Jewish communities worldwideand became a core component of the British Mandate for Palestinethe founding document of Mandatory Palestinewhich later became Israel and the Palestinian territories.


Churchill and the Jews: The Jews I meet are quite different.

Balfour Declaration letter written – HISTORY

The Balfour Declaration, contained within the original letter from Balfour to Rothschild. Samuel were more ambitious than mine.

This demonstration of support for Zionism among the masses of American Jews played a vital role in the British considerations which led to the Balfour Declaration. In Sheppard, Eric William. Demise of the British Empire in the Middle East: From Princely Protection to Formal Emancipation”. Presented in this way, the Declaration was shown to be a natural, almost preordained event. There is not much use today in lamenting such a statement as the Balfour Declaration.

Zionist Organization of America. The British government hoped that the declaration would rally Jewish opinion, especially in the United Statesto the side of the Allied powers against the Central Powers during World War I —