Lietuvos edukologijos universitetas (Psichologija 06 S) dešimtų ir dvyliktų klasių Lietuvos mokinius iš 21 bendrojo lavinimo ir profesinio rengimo mokyklos, . Pradžia > PSICHOLOGIJA 40 > BENDROSIOS TRANSFORMACINIO apie savo tiesioginių vadovų elgesį (Bendroji transformacinio vadovavimo skalė, . Šiais metais Lietuvos psichologų kongreso tema „Psichologija sveikatai ir Psichologijos taikymą medicinoje įtakojo bendroji sveikatos samprata (PSO, ).

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There are significant age differences in driver anger. The terms of single and double dissociation are introduced.

Most important is to acquire professional skills; Group III 8 subjects, Girls place more importance than boys on how they look. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to construct a Lithuanian pdichologija empowerment questionnaire and to evaluate its psychometric properties reliability and validity.

Participants had monoculary bisected lines into two subjectively equal parts fixating sight on a cross located at the given end of the line.

Raidos psichologija

Some students have unrealistic expectations regarding the possibility to separate personal and professional life. We argue that a correlated conscious strategy hypothesis offers a better account of the change detection results for unaware trials than the unconscious change detection hypothesis.

To generalize, preliminary findings strongly suggest that the Lithuanian version of the OCB questionnaire, developed in this study, has adequate psychometric properties and is congruent to the classical concept of OCB.

To identify the dimensionality of OCB, an exploratory factor analysis was conducted. The data suggest that in subjects just before the surgery statistically significant changes occurred according to taunting experience; positive comparison representations diminished, more of statistically significant differences between the standpoints of mother and father self-representations showed up, unconfident representations increased. The purpose of this research is to depict the impulsive and non-impulsive process of suicide among psychoactive substance users.

We have revealed several problematic aspects of the concept of self-regulation in early childhood: For the spring term, 70 percent of participants were 12th-grade students and 84 percent 10th-grade students who filled in the questionnaires in the autumn term.


The third level unfolds the discovery of fundamental truths: However, up to date, there is no empiric half-structured interview investigations with subjects of this group, in which manifestations of confidence, comparison and perfectionistic aspirations would be explored wider and in more detail.

The most prominent hypothesis is that executive function development stimulates the emergence of executive function Carlson et al. The concept of OCB was initially introduced in the s, and it soon became a widely internationally and cross-culturally investigated phenomenon. After excluding ASRs and ABCLs of participants who reported mental health and substance use problems or did not respond to more than 8 items, the remaining forms were used in data analysis.

The research implies that chronology of Lithuanian psychology textbooks in the analyzed period was mostly determined by certain historical and political circumstances. The complete data about 66 women are analyzed in this article. The article is oriented towards practitioners who want to update their knowledge of the recent developments in psychotraumatology. A review of literature reveals, that generally learning disabilities are defined in terms of deficits of various cognitive and language abilities and skills necessary for learning.

The research showed a significant correlation between illness perception and health locus of control only for men: During the career decision making process, students with a serious level of indecision paid more attention to the external factors such as financial resources. Considering learning difficulties which are related with written language A.

Women who rated their subjective readiness for motherhood as lower, also with high anxiety concerning delivery, poor quality of relationship with a partner, and who reported more stressful life events, as well as primiparous women are at greater risk postpartum depression; however these variables and depressive symptoms during postpartum period are not directly related.

Self- representations of comparison were estimated considering the ideal and standards of the self, peer, father, mother or partner.


The article reports the findings concerning the relationship between aggression, anger and self-efficacy among Lithuanian drivers.

Another, performed by Juozas Gedminas, matched the original. The projective method used in the study and analysis of the data bendrji us to predict behavioral difficulties. Risk factors, which most significantly influence postpartum depression, have been analyzed by numerous researchers, seeking to make it possible to predict and identify women at risk before the onset of symptoms.

All of them had been nursing a relative till the death from an incurable disease. The study revealed two main activity types: In total, university students took part in the study Aggregated results were used in the statistical psichollogija.

The exploratory factor analysis was applied to the I-S-T R basic module scores of intellectually gifted students to evaluate the validity I-S-T R for this population. Projective tools such as Children Apperception Test and Kinetic Family Drawing were applied to assess the representations. For each of these confirmatory analyses, a two-factor model was compared with the general one-factor model.

Groups of convicts who had committed different crimes significantly differed in the rates of two neutralizations: Younger men are more-appearance oriented. The research was designed to bendrojo whether the WASI measures the same bendroju across cultures and age bands.

Psichologija by Kristina Alfaro on Prezi

The fact psicholgija all the textbooks were translations of popular Russian textbooks can be explained, first of all, by peculiarities of psychology teaching in general education schools in Lithuania in the first half of the 20th century. The study aims to identify the essential structure and get a clear and systematic description of meaning-making for the bereavement. The importance of self-regulatory capacities for developmental outcomes and behaviors bendroii been well documented in the literature.