During the past 40 years the production of natural rubber has increased three times and of synthetic rubbers 15 times, Biodeterioration 7 pp | Cite as . Rubber wood (Hevea brasiliensis) can be used commercially for the construction of fishing boats, which are subjected to biodegradation in the water, and on. Natural rubber (NR) was once the only source of the elastomeric materials required by a wide range Biodeterioration, Elsevier Applied Science, 7 (), pp.

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Because a lot of gas is produced, the tanks have floating lids on top so that the volume can fluctuate without letting air in. For example, the oil industry uses bacteria to clean up pollution created by spills and underground leaks and to clean up waste products from oil production.

Composting involves breaking down of organic materials by a large number of bacteria and fungi. Approaches to taxonomic studies of actinomycetes isolated from historic and contemporary materials. Chemical paper pulp produces less nutrients for microorganisms than the mechanical one. These websites out line the prevention methods [26] used for Stone and Wood. This improves the anaerobic process in five ways. Produce consoritia which allows the recycling of substance 5.

Microbiological Deterioration of Vulcanized Rubber

The bacteria are facultative anaerobic acid producers. Actividad biocida de dos plantas cosechadas en Cuba contra hongos aislados del ambiente de depositos de archivos. This historic site has suffered corrosion, despite treatment with synthetic polymers. Bacteria Acetobacter xylinum present on the surface of fruit and flowers play an important role in commercial production of wines and other fermented substances.

It is essential to identify microorganisms that take part in this process in order to properly protect objects from biodeterioration. The methane produced can be used as fuel and is extracted from the top of the tank. Gamma irradiation is a good preventive method for wood decay.


Bacteria when organised in biofilms can produce effective substances which cannot be produced by an individual bacteria. A banana can take days, orange peels take one month, paper take months, sugar cane pulp products months.

Microbial mats can be considered as complex biofilms. This is because the xenobiotics have been developed recently, from a geological viewpoint, and the existing microorganisms haven’t encountered them and therefore are not prepared to biodegrade them. Bioremediation is to clean up contaminated soil or water through using microorganisms.

Wood decay is mainly caused by fungus. Living things found in teeth, gums, cells of intestinal or vaginal tract, and non living things found in medical devices such catheters. Biodegradation of rubber is a slow process, bacteria utilizing rubber as a sole carbon source is also slow.

Privacy policy About WikiEducator Disclaimers. Ex Plastics have high chemical resistances due to their excessive molecular size for biodegradation. Views Read View source View history.

A mixture of air and gas could cause an explosion and oxygen is poisonous biodfterioration the bacteria. In dissimilarity biodeterioration, change occurs in materials due to the excretion of biodeferioration products, pf as pigmented or acidic compounds produced by the microorganisms.

It is used against specific contaminants. The objectives of anaerobic digestion are 1. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Community Community portal Web chat Mailing list. Bioventing, bioreactor, composting, bioaugmentation, rhizofiltration and boistimulation are the major bioremediation techniques [30]. This review provides a basic understanding of what biofilms are, the problems they can cause, and what might be done to deal with them.

They are now also selling the methane to the nearby businesses. The Palmerston North City Council Sewage Treatment Plant uses their methane to operate the central heating system and for maintaining the temperature in the digesters.

Biodegradation – WikiEducator

Prevention of biofilm formation and further biodeterioration on material used in space should emphasize surface engineering of materials so that initial attachment and susceptibility to microorganism can be minimized. Xenobiotics are synthetic organic compounds and they generally have chemical properties that cannot be broken down by microbial degradative enzymes. Microbes usually prefer living in the biodrterioration because the microbes uses the metabolic by-products or wastes produced by the slime layer of biofilm as their food.


Certain organisms produce pigment or growth of cellular fibers. Minimises and prevents scum build up.

When fiber is continuously exposed to temperature and moisture it changes. These require oxygen and moisture to break down organic material [32]. Another product that can be made is from the digested solids. The deterioration of rubber by various fungi and actinomycetes might cause serious electrical problems to buried cables. The corrosion of metal pipes due to some bacteria triggers serious problems, particularly in oil and gas delivery systems.

Biodeterioration definition of biodeterioration by Medical dictionary https: Then the anaerobic methane fermentors convert the acids and alcohols to methane and carbon dioxide. Biodegradation is the process that occurs when organic materials are broken down by enzymes that are produced by microorganisms.

Incubation periods can take weeks or months for obtaining degradation products for further analysis [22].

Biofilms found on the solid supports in sewage-treatment plants play major in processing of sewage water before it is discharged into rivers. Avalibilty of nutrients for growth 2. Produce useful by-products 3.

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Suitable environmental conditions like temperature, moisture and oxygen are necessary for wood decay. This page was last modified on 9 Decemberat Reduce the mass and volume of sludge and 4. It depends on the chemical structure of the material and also the chemical and physical properties of materials and the invading organism.