Malmö, with its , inhabitants, is the third-largest city in Sweden. Since , Malmö has been connected to Copenhagen by the Öresund Bridge, yet it has. The theme of Bo01 is the City of Tomorrow in an ecologically sustainable information and welfare community. Beauty and stimulation are keywords in the new. Sweden’s first international housing exhibition, Bo01, will open on 17 May in Malmö. The “City of Tomorrow” in the ecologically sustainable information and .

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It was created by the organiser called Bo01AB who also introduced the initial housing exhibition. Then simply log in and click the “Apply as a community contact” button below.

Garden, park and nature are an important part of our housing conditions, and so in this part of the exhibition we want to present green projects which can’t rigger discussions concerning the importance of the garden to peopleof tomorrow. The permanent Settlement A Or residential area, a newly built permanent city district with mixed buildings, encompassing both commercial and social services together with about housing units.

Cityy your profile has been activated, you can return to this page and apply as a local contributor for the project. This page was last edited on 11 Marchat Toomorrow ambition is that both the above parts should together form a whole, an attraction of international class.

The main Bo01 entrance is located in the temporary exhibition area, ob01 this is devoted to a discussion of the Bo01 theme, with special emphasis on the visionary. Despite helping to absorb the rainwater, the green roofs also provide local habitat and biodiversity.


This contract contains the following key aspects:. This was to have a dual purpose, partly it would break vity the urban environment allowing for a more pleasant experience, partly it was to break up the harsh sea winds. Bo01 is the name for an international housing exhibition that took place in — at that time representing the first stage of development of the entire Western Harbour area.

The apartments were spacious and of high quality for s standards. The organic waste is taken to the bio gas plant for digestion into bio gas which is then returned to the housing area. It shows that participation is crucial for urban development, albeit communication go01 public access to information throughout the process is indispensible. In order to maintain the housing areas, a total transformation was necessary – Bo01 required complete renovations and Ekostaden eco-neighourhood Augustenborg had the need for revitalisation.

By using tomorrpw site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Tpmorrow Policy. Roofs and walls will be covered with plants in order to increase the green space.

Ekostaden Augustenborg and Bo01 – City of Tomorrow

Views Read Edit View history. Yes, allow to load Google Translate. Based on the local energy conditions E. Since the local population is largely composed of foreign people, communication was a challenge because of language barriers. A large proportion of the heating needs will be extracted from sea water and groundwater tkmorrow will be complimented with solar collectors.

Retrofitting SUDS in an urban regeneration area. Here Bo01 will instance what can be achieved in a newly constructed urban environment with ecological, aesthetic and functional inflections. Today, the change of the housing area highly varies in their types and sizes. The most notable building built for Bo01 was the Turning Torso skyscraper, which became the tallest building in Scandinavia.


The Programme included agreements about standards on material, energy, appearance, etc. In fact many young families gave up residence because of the increase of tenure options and the high average of house prices after the new development of Bo The entire Western Harbour area now focuses on sustainable development based on the lessons learnt from the first phase development in Bo Open Street Map helps you to localize the case study on a map.

Since the new system was installed there has not been any severe flood or water related problems.

The nutrients can then be returned to agriculture and the metals used in the treatment process can be reused. Augustenborg — Eco City The project Ekostaden Augustenborg was launched in and ran from to as an initiative of an extensive urban renovation programme by the local housing company MKB and the industrial estate.

Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references. We know, from statistics of earlier national housing exhibitions, that there are two main visitor attractions: With few exceptions, courtyards, parks, cuty and piazzas have barely been completed. It was created as part of the European Housing Expo in and is notable for its sustainable character. Bo01 demonstrates tomofrow intelligently utilised information technology, dignified welfare solutions and pleasurable, sensual beauty can make the sustainable city so attractive that it will be chosen in our time.