Journalist Ross Gelbspan’s new book, Boiling Point (out in late July from Basic Books), reveals how politicians, big oil and coal, the media, and. Revisiting the consensus on global warming (The Heat Is On, ), Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gelbspan finds the US strangely at odds. But Ross Gelbspan is no slave to fashion. The beauty of his book Boiling Point is how it reminds us that scientific facts are inescapable, even.

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The book is generally accurate, if a little selective, in its depictions of scientific evidence for evolution of Earth’s climate and, specifically, anthropogenic forcing of climate. ExxonMobil recommended that the Bush administration remove Watson, along with two officials instrumental in producing the U.

It exhibits respect rather than reckless indifference ;oint human and natural systems that are elaborately adapted to the prevailing climate—respect, that is, for life. A study by lead authors Sallie Baliunas and Willie Soon at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and published in an obscure journal, Climate Research, concluded that the 20th century is neither the warmest century, nor the century with the most extreme weather, of the bouling 1, years. The Evolution of a Natural Miracle.

An excerpt from Boiling Point by Ross Gelbspan

About Help Blog Jobs Welcome to our new website. Gelbspan writes clearly, and he argues that Republican members of Congress have latched onto theories of the few scientists who don’t believe that global warming is a major problem.

The topic and the rapidly evolving political context mean that the book may date relatively quickly. Public investment is no substitute for a climate policy in which emission limits drive private investment in solutions. Journalists, he says, are culpable because they are minimizing the story; activists, while well-meaning, are so busy trying to form alliances and make compromises that they lose sight of a problem that Gelbspan believes could ultimately compromise the planet.

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The National Assessment details a range of anticipated, mostly harmful, impacts across U. The book ends in a rhapsody on how rising to the climate challenge can fundamentally change the human prospect: If temperatures climb as projected, then the corrupt policies embraced by U.

If the dream seems remote, consider this: ExxonMobil achieved an even greater success in directing Bush administration climate change diplomacy. The Birth of the Mind. With its heavy bankrolling of the Bush campaign in the presidential election, the fossil-fuel industry won a victory beyond its wildest dreams. There was a problem adding your email address. In fact, the Bush climate policies have nothing to do with political conservatism.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Living people American male journalists American journalists American non-fiction environmental writers American political writers American male writers Sustainability advocates.

Denouncing the oil and coal industries as criminals against humanity, Gelbspan justifies his use of that label by communicating his sincere belief that human civilization is in mortal peril from ggelbspan warming. Publisher’s Weekly Review Gelbspan, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, offers no less than a call to arms in this treatise on how global warming is a threat and how it can be avoided.

Chapter 3 is entitled “A Congressional Book Burning. Please enable and refresh the page. There was an error while adding the following items.

BOILING POINT by Ross Gelbspan | Kirkus Reviews

In the gelbdpan s, when the science was still uncertain, denial and resistance by the fossil-fuel lobby could be excused as a predictable, business-as-usual response.

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On May 17,when the Cheney task force unveiled its new energy plan, it not only called for an expanded role for nuclear power and the opening of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration, but for the construction of between 1, and 1, new power plants, most of them powered by coal. The most positive aspect of this book and something that sets it aside from the multitude of others concerning anthropogenic forcing of climate and the political context for the dialogue, is the chapter on potential mitigation measures e.


Bythat share shrank to 22 percent — despite the advent of far more conclusive science, documenting human-caused global warming. One or more items could not be added because you are not logged in. Click to have a closer look. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Views Read Edit View history. It would also expand the global economy and lead to a far wealthier and more peaceful world. Markets don’t know what the safe limit on emissions is—governments have to decide that, guided by science. Predictably scary and shocking, but still rises to the level of reference. But with the science now so robust, and negative impacts so visible, this behavior is inexcusable. Yet he recognizes that the American public is not as alarmed as he is, so the first half of his work dissects the forces he alleges are keeping Americans in ignorant thrall.

Given the pathological denial that dominates this nation’s climate policy, it’s not bad therapy. That’s closer to a truth that can last than what we’ve got now. Other titles from Basic Gslbspan. Congress during the 90’s. The following items were successfully added.

Ross Gelbspan – Wikipedia

Go to Conservation Land Management. Then, in Augustthe attorneys general of Maine and Connecticut made an extraordinary discovery. But government doesn’t have enough money to fix orss problem. He lays out three of the plans being discussed to attack the problem, as well as one of his own which focuses on changing energy subsidies from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources, funding the transfer of renewable energy sources to developing countries and greatly tightening emission standards.

Preface to the Paperback Edition p. Make this your default list.