Bruce Sterling has called his Shaper/Mechanist novel Schismatrix “my favorite among my books.” It is a detailed history of a spacefaring humanity divided into. Schismatrix [Bruce Sterling] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Shaper-trained Abelard Lindsay, a failed and exiled revolutionary against . It’s been about twenty years since I first read Sterling’s Schismatrix. At the time, I Bruce Sterling’s “Schismatrix” through the lens of cyberpunk.

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Purple sponges pulsed, abyssal corals spread black branching thickets, their thin arms jeweled with polyps.

Schismatrix mainly tells the story of one of them, Abelard Lindsay, spanning almost years of his schiismatrix. Bad politics that is. But not in the usual way wherein a thought much more interesting than what’s on the page enters my head. Sterling also presents a tension between the dirty, virulent, smelly, human body and all of its crawling bacteria with a number of opposites.


sterlong They rather gargle water a beardy mad guy blessed to cure cancer, than actually seek medical care. The Science Fiction Handbook. Apr 04, Jason rated it it was amazing. Despite having been written twenty-five years ago can really be that distant?

Five short stories preceded the novel and are published together with it in a edition entitled Schismatrix Plus. In fac Sterling’s novel follows a single mover-shaker through the turbulent politics and world of the far future human panoply spread across the solar brce.

Schismatrix Plus – Bruce Sterling | Battered, Tattered, Yellowed, & Creased

There were no final purposes. It felt like I was in a shady oriental open bazaar.

More than just blandly stating his take on the important “where is humanity going? More reviews and recommendations at http: This myopia was a short-lived victory because literature is about human experience, both the rational and the irrational.


In Schismatrix, Sterling establishes a lot of the tropes of transhumanism in the conflict between Mechanists and Shapers. Schismatrix most assuredly deserves its place in the pantheon of science-fiction classics. Schismatrix Plus, is Bruce Sterling’s new trade paperback. Sep 24, Andrew rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: For example, Brian Stableford writes that. As time goes on, eventually Czarina-Kluster, in its turn, faces social collapse. May 10, Dee Maselle rated it liked it.

I think Bruce is better at novels than at short stories, to be honest. A bizarre absurdist bourgeois epic set in the space kindgom of the posthuman con artists.

sterllng Pages to import images to Wikidata. Schismatrix opens with one of the most bizarrely sublime assassination attempts ever depicted in literature—the possibilities of sci-fi used to full effect.

Schismatrix Plus

He has some pretty fascinating ideas, although the overall plot itself is a little lackluster. These have been influential, although little acknowledged.

Jul 01, Paco Nathan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Il volume comprende un romanzo e cinque racconti pubblicati tra il e ilambientati nello stesso sfondo fanta-storico e che costituiscono una sorta di minisaga, quasi una summa schismatdix universo sterlinghiano. There were certainly moments of intense interest particularly when the alien Investors started coming into the story, but that highlighted one of the disappointments, I was hoping more of the alien angle would work into thingsbut it was also, occasionally, a slog.

Moreover, in an interview with McCaffery, Sterling himself provides a helpful way to conceptualize the novel as three mini-novels, each reflecting the major modes of stering opera. Nora informs Abelard that the subjects of the diplomatic training are in disgrace due to the high incidence of treason and defection from their ranks.


Abelard Lindsay is an assassin, a diplomat, a con artist, a political exile, brude entrepeneur, and someone who finds himself Humanity has moved out into the solar system Schismtrix Rose – This sterlijg a very sad story. Virtual Bodies in Cybernetics, Literature, and Informatics. In many ways we already have such incipient posthumans, their identities distributed across a wide range of networks, their bodies beginning to be changed by wearable and implantable technology, their selves ever shifting.

I still believe it’s worth a look if you are not dissuaded brucw what it lacks, and are interested in a challenging and wild reading experience.

These posthumans live encased in form-fitting metallic armor. This is not confusing in a modernist stream-of-consciousnessness Joycean sort of way; it’s just confusing in that the information and exposition are delivered so quickly, in so few words, you may have to reread several paragraphs numerous times before the facts finally “click. Dec 30, Chip rated it it was ok Shelves: Keith, and Anne-Marie Thomas. It needs to be read slowly, in chunks, and those chunks often reread slowly.

The alien Investors are obsessed with trade and wealth, and at first encourage humanity to focus on business instead of war.

Even more useful in the Age of Sterliny, considering the adjustments you have to do every day. Continental Materialism and Realism. Some of the clearest representations of posthumans make them an extreme other: Aug 14, Nihal Vrana rated it it was amazing Shelves: Futures geeks and adrenaline junkies.