BS2-IC from PARALLAX >> Specification: BASIC Stamp 2 Microcontroller. Buy Parallax Inc BS2-IC BASIC Stamp 2 Microcontroller, 20MHz, 2 kB EEPROM, Pin PDIP BS2-IC. Browse our latest microcontrollers offers. Free Next Day. The Parallax BS2-IC BASIC Stamp 2 serves as the brains inside of electronics projects and applications that require a programmable microcontroller.

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BASIC Stamp 2 Microcontroller Module

Add to cart Add to wish list. That’s all there is to it Instead, the data lines sport 30k pull-up resistors, which the designer should keep in mind when sharing this bus with other devices. This type of protocal is beyond the scope of this article. However, no part of the I2C protocol allows a slave to request termination of a read sequence once it has started. Then, we’ll discuss PBASIC software to support that configuration and turn the whole thing into the educational experience it was meant to be.

Parallax IDE for Chrome – It is able to control and monitor timers, keypads, motors, sensors, switches, relays, lights, and more. To do that we use the second high-impedance opamp in the IC TL or TL whose first half we’ve already used as an active filter. At left is the standard 5×8 matrix font for the HD The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1.

If you are new to electronics and programming, we recommend starting with the BASIC Stamp Discovery Kitan excellent introductory kit that comes with everything you need to get started with BASIC Stamp programming and electronics, including a BASIC Stamp 2 module, two printed booklets, and all the basic electronics components necessary to build dozens of fun projects.


If you must know, so do the codes of the custom characters. The signal will slowly creep to the left if the clock is fast or to the right if it’s slow.

Parallax BASIC Stamp 2 Module #BS2-IC

All vital components processor, clock source, memory, power regulator are provided on the BS2’s tiny PCB; just connect power and go! The first bad day for the DS comes only 59 days after the DS will fail for lack of a “century toggle”.

The idea will then be to use this in a carefully designed menu system, with or without the feedback of the LCD display. They currently do not support bit addressing or high speeds. Its width can easily be measured to be about Before you connect your board: What varies from one LCD to the next are the numbers assigned to the first character of each line. There are legacy serial versions of both units, which we’ll ignore here.

A better solution is to connect the bicolor LED between P1 and something whose polarity is opposite to that of P1 when P1 isn’t kicrocontroller the high-impedance state. At first, we may be satisfied with just one stage and a single capacitor.

However, this need not be the case for custom characters, especially in applications where the underscore cursor isn’t used. It is able to control and monitor timers, keypads, motors, sensors, switches, relays, lights, and more. The downside is that the “HomeWork Board” can’t be used to program an actual BS2 for permanent installation in a less bulky standalone project. Otherwise, we’d have to perform an 8-bit transaction in one direction and a 1-bit acknowledgement in the other.

This is toggled whenever the century changes, to deal with potential bugs at the beginnings of the years, etc. In practice, this word of caution only applies to the writing counterpart of the 9-bit read discussed above.


BASIC Stamp 2 Microcontroller Module | BS2-IC | Parallax Inc

Other Similar Parallax Products: Because of the above considerations, this is now moot. For customers that require a more powerful, multi-processing microcontroller, we recommend the Propeller microcontroller. Filtering that square wave will result in a signal proportional to the DC level used.

Making the following procedure part of the microcontroller microcontrollsr will remedy that situation and put any interrupted interface back to its normal state after every microcontroller reset. In practice, this means that the characters you defined for codes 0,1, Unfortunately, it did not. That circumstance can hardly happen at all on the SCL line, which most slave don’t even have the circuitry mjcrocontroller treat it as anything but an input.

Time, speed Doppler shift and attenuation of ultrasound. Feedback Comments or questions? The BS2-IC is widely used in educational, hobby, and industrial applications. The rest of the wiring would have used pins for the first two cases enable on P0 or P1 and pins in the other cases.

This means the clock of the tested LCD unit is a multiple of If Vee is too low, off-pixels are visible.

Micrcoontroller of them was generating DTMF tones. The slave changes the state of the data line SDA in blue, just microcongroller each clock pulse. Follow the Getting Started steps.

A few slaves may be able to “hold the clock” low to tell a fast master to wait during high-speed transfers.