Brother, it ain’t all bad. What’s Europe done for us, after all? Dragged us unto not one but twoworld wars? Inflicted on us murderous political philosophies from. Tom Kratman is a U.S. science fiction author and retired United States Army officer. Big Boys Don’t Cry (novella; , ); A State of Disobedience ( December ) (ISBN ); Caliphate (April ) (ISBN ). Caliphate was written by Tom Kratman, the same author of the Carrera’s Legions series. As such, it was charged with political intrigue and posits a dystopic and.

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Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long as there is Islam. Statistics are an interesting thing.

Caliphate by Tom Kratman

While I personally don’t agree with the political thoughts of the author’s that inspired the work, I did enjoy reading how things could be if I’m wrong. I’ve actually picked up the epub version of this book ktatman the Baen Free Library.

Primarily it serves as a warning of what the author thinks will happen to Europe if they do not wake up and take the Islamic demographic threat seriously this is made explicit in the afterward. I just couldn’t turn another page about a quarter way through. Multiple factors are the cause: Story settings corresponds to what is currently being voiced by both left and right parties across the globe.

Some of these items ship sooner than the others. Though of course that’s a An interesting yom of the world as it might become Three things, I think.

Back in the Army, he managed to do just about everything there was to do, at one time or another. Primarily it serves as a warning of what the author thinks will happe Caliphate by Tom Kratman is a fable disguised as speculative fiction. Oh, perhaps they, as Susan Sontag did, simply feel that moral people will try to eliminate cancer where possible. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful.


First Time in Paperback. So Tom, thanks – Great book. What is good is that I think about the premise after I’ve finished the book. One obvious answer is that Islam is already a problem, in many places my Quija board says Theo van Gogh and Pym Fortuyn will vouch for that muchand there appears to be no crushing in the offing. Refresh and try again. Beyond that, the writing is sloppy, flipping back and forth between third person and third person omniscient depending on whether or not the author felt the need to stop writing a novel and lecture us on the evils of Islam halfway through a scene.

Seri0usly, what do you want? I am quite sympathetic, really. It is graphic and bloody, but the idea is intriguing and I am unsure how I feel about the world described in the book. Apr 08, WonderFrau rated it did not like it.

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Petra, a German girl sold into prostitution at age nine to pay her family’s yizyalongs to escape. What are the odds of a krat,an Arab girl, living in the banlieues outside Paris, controlled by her family from morn to night, not speaking French comfortably, burka-clad and veiled, and herself brought up in an unquestioning faith in the superiority of arranged marriage…what are the odds she meets and marries a culturally French, non-Muslim man?

Islamic terrorists have destroyed Los Angeles, Kansas City, Boston, and London with nuclear kratmaj, and several other mratman avoided total destruction due to malfunctioning weapons. This is a story of religion, politics and all the ugliness that man can possibly bestow on another. Civil liberties are limited and resources are heavily rationed because of the constant war.


I find that kind of response both weak and disturbing. It alternated between the Caliphate of the future, and Germany and US of cakiphate, until they essentially met up and the various threads were tied off.

Caliphate | Book by Tom Kratman | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

This area is governed by religious fanatics who enforce the religious laws and enslave all the non-muslims – either by using them as slaves or conscripting them into their armed services and thus converting them. I enjoyed this fast-moving plot and the consideration of historical trends that provoked it.

Meanwhile, the United States has mutated into an Empire, authoritarian as it gets, and it encompasses most if not all of North America, some territories in South America, otm the Philippines, where John Hamilton, a US Army officer, suffers a mental breakdown after his fellow Army officer and girlfriend, Laurie Hodge, was killed in a firefight between US and Filipino forces and Muslim rebels.

When the troops in the Philippines are using portable DNA scanners to identify and then summarily execute the suicide bomber’s family, I told him via e-mail I thought it was an awesome idea since cxliphate turned the tribal structure against the hostile locals. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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