What the Mexican novelist can teach us about the nativist fantasies of Donald Trump. Carmen Boullosa’s Texas: The Great Theft is a surprisingly funny, intensely complex and occasionally shocking take on the revisionist Western. It’s one of the . Texas: The Great Theft (Deep Vellum). Please welcome to Skylight Books the author Roberto Bolaño calls “Mexico’s best woman writer” Carmen Boullosa!.

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The Great Theft”Not even in a fairy tale! I will leave you with a prophecy from the philosopher-baker: Bill rated it really liked it May 22, The cast of characters in the two towns are a motley and varied crew, representative of the actual historical residents of the region I swear — look it up: The people of Bruneville believe, as quoted boullos President Polk, and said at a boulosa hosted by Charles Stealman, a corrupt businessman and his wife Catherine Anne, “Anglo-Saxon blood can never again be dominated by anyone who claims to be from Mexico.

But I cqrmen a lot of it on a plane and there were a lot of boulloa to keep track of For me the most astounding thing was that by virtue of the care she takes to situate each character in commerce and relationship as she introduces him or her, you can keep them straight. Eric Anderson rated it really liked it Jan 07, Other Reviews in this Issue.

For instance, the local mystic is hailed by a fence post: More Talent Than Success: By the time of the novel, with Texas a part of the United States, the American citizens living in Bruneville Brownville today are distinguished by their avarice, racism, casual violence, and devotion to slavery.

Rigid, they extend through the muddy earth, thinking always of the Eagles [Bruneville vigilante militia] because boulosa Eagles are always going on about how, ‘it’s so important to defend our roots,’ etc. Login to Comment or create an account Email.


Fiction review: ‘Texas: The Great Theft,’ by Carmen Boullosa | Books | Dallas News

Bullets fly and the thin veil of tolerance in this nascent society goes bye-bye. The narrative tells of the ensuing consequences of this statement among the citizens of both towns.

Each individual has both an assigned trade–butcher, vaquero, innkeeper–and a political role they choose or find thrust upon them. These events take place about 10 years later, after the US had invaded Mexico, won Mexican cessation of Texas, California, etc, and the wild west was in full operation.

And what a debut it is: Her work is eclectic and difficult to categorize, but it generally focuses on the issues of feminism and gender roles within a Latin American context. Mexicans, Texans, Native Americans, socialist Germans, escaped slaves, a commune of a dozen Amazons yes, you read that correctlyCubans, Russians, Irishmen, ghosts, espionage agents, agents provocateurs, mystics and one philosopher-baker.

September 4, in Mexico City, Mexico is a leading Mexican poet, novelist and playwright.

Feb 07, claire rated it liked it. Shedding important historical carrmen on current battles over the Mexican—American frontier while telling a gripping story with Boullosa’s singular prose and formal innovation, Texas marks the welcome return of a major writer who has previously captivated American audiences and is poised to do so again.

January Matt Pincus fiction Texas: Just go with the flow, texzs try to remember who all the characters are. That is a very good thing. I can see that this is a good great?

Fiction review: ‘Texas: The Great Theft,’ by Carmen Boullosa

Through it all the narrator builds a sense of urgency, using the short stay with each character to convey the passing of time, repeatedly telling us that there is more to share about an individual or a piece of gossip, but that we are out of time, we must move on to the next place and the next character, boullosaa the news as it spreads; or, conversely, allowing longer digressions to fill in background as the pace of events slows down. Deep Vellum, based in Dallas, released its first title today.


Not what I thought it would be. Her fictionalization involves some historical facts, some slight name changes, and a large cast of minor characters who provide a kaleidoscopic view of the events.

These separate people matter. Anne rated it it was ok Apr 16, To ask other readers questions about Texasplease sign up.

Her work has been praised by a number of prominent writers, including Carlos Carmdn, Alma Guillermoprieto and Elena Poniatowska, as we Carmen Boullosa b. Boullosa warns the reader at one point in Texas: There were moments of beautiful, lyrical language — is that Boullosa or the translator or a combination? The text for Americans can be eye opening, illuminating how Texas was taken, rather than given by Manifest Destiny.

Instead there is a gritty, messy, eminently readable story of a period in history that many would prefer to imagine is more clear cut.

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Bookslut | Texas: The Great Theft by Carmen Boullosa, translated by Samantha Schnee

Loosely based on the little-known Mexican invasion of the United States, Texas is a richly imagined evocation of the volatile Tex-Mex borderland. Author of seventeen novels, her books have been translated into numerous world languages. Boullosa is a masterful spinner of the fantastic”— Miami Herald An imaginative writer in the tradition of Juan Rulfo, Jorge Luis Borges, and Cesar Aira, Carmen Boullosa shows herself to be at the height of her powers with her latest novel.

Preview — Texas by Carmen Boullosa.