Disano, Disano LED, Fosnova LED, Fosnova Professional & Fosnova Classic ZIP /PDF Catalogue – Italian. Insert username and password in the “access. Consultate il catalogo completo Disano Led dell’azienda Disano Illuminazione su ArchiExpo. Page: 1/ CLD CELL-D al. track. LED white Wlm @ mA- K-CRI xx CLD CELL-D al. track.

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In sporting facilities, in addition to saving datalogo management costs, it offers a perfect lighting for photo and video purposes. Anti-dazzle and anti-iridescence, very low luminance.

With the same basic characteristics that have guaranteed the product’s success over the years, Minicomfort now comes with the main advantages of the LED lighting technology, such as light quality, energy-efficiency and longer service life. Excessive temperature affects the correct functioning of LED lights and reduces their working life. For example, the plastic support of power LEDs has changed from a plastic material to a ceramic material because it is extremely resistant to heat and almost fully chemically inert.

A great number of studies demonstrate how proper lighting in work places, without glare and that provides the right light level luxincreases productivity. Astro, industria lighting, led, news. These characteristics can be found only in lighting fixtures with high design and manufacturing levels. Savings are even greater if we consider the long life of LEDs 80, hours and no maintenance costs after installation.

Astro can be used outdoors, as a suspension lamp and for central road installation, in two versions, with wide beam, symmetric and street light.


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Register download the specification datasheet of this product. Thanks to the experience and quality of Disano, fisano worldwide leader in the lighting sector, the Minicomfort ceiling lamps are now available with LEDs. In the first case, we need to make sure that the material used to seal the LED is chemically compatible, even at high temperatures, in order to prevent the alteration process. LED lighting is becoming ever more popular in industrial plants and facilities.

Catalogo disano pdf

It is a figure that is derived from the mathematical calculations carried out in lab tests. In industrial areas, these quality disno are even more important. This offers further savings. Minicomfort LED is the ideal lighting fixture for offices, health facilities and, in general, for any space that needs to offer controlled lighting with dark light optics and comply with anti-glare parameters.

Catalogo disano pdf download

Today, we expect completely different performance levels from LEDs, including longer life: Manufacturing facility of Ampelmann in the port of Rotterdam. Aprire il catalogo a pagina 5.

In addition to these practical advantages, there is the lamp’s excellent aesthetics. In fact, if we allow browning LEDs to operate outdoors they will tend to recover partly or totally their brightness in some hundred hours.

Moreover, we need to pay attention to the encapsulant that will cataloog air from penetrating inside, thus favouring the action of the aggressive agents present in the manufacturing process. Therefore, for LEDs to operate properly, guarantee long A high-quality LED with an Some of these substances may already be present in the manufacturing process, while others may be found in the environment where the LED will be installed, such as for example in the varnishing paints of some manufacturing plants, in which — even if they are mostly eliminated by suction hoods — the vapours tend to accumulate upwards towards the ceiling where the lights are installed.


Ctalogo larger selection means higher quality, but also higher costs.

Andrea Banfi leed to us: Gruppo Disano members of staff can use their CRM username and password. It should also be noted that these substances are eliminated by oxygen, so the exposure to air makes them evaporate. How does the LED design process work today?

LED life, for example, can be fully exploited only with quality fixtures and the most important manufacturers who use our LEDs carry out tests on their fixtures. In the eld of traditional lightning, leds are successfully used for orientation and decorative lighting.

The opposite solution is to allow an exchange of air, but this can be done in a residential space or in the streets, allowing air circulation without completely encapsulating the optics. In this case it is fundamental to ensure that ,ed have excellent air circulation and a good heat sink to dissipate heat.