The Anthills of the Savannah Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, by Chinua Achebe The novel Anthills of the Savanah is a socio-political commentary set in the fictitious nation of Kangan. : Anthills of the Savannah (): Chinua Achebe: Books. Anthills of the Savannah and millions of other books are available for. Mar 22, The novels of the Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe present an essential Anthills of the Savannah, Achebe’s first novel in more than 20 years.

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Like Jonathan in the Bible who tried to save David’s life from Saul, Emmanuel and Braimoh are godsends who help Chinha to escape from the domain of Major Sam, his mortal enemy.

Anthills of the Savannah by Chinua Achebe

It is a safe bet to say that it will be damning, political, and relevant. Second, the dynamic depiction of anfhills leads to a dynamic characterization of Kangan Nigerian life. During the conversation Beatrice has with the taxi driver who visits Elewa, she learns that the Taxi Union members are going to protest against the gruesome murder of Ikem. When the region of Biafra broke away from Nigeria wavannaAchebe became a devoted supporter of Biafran independence and served as ambassador for the people of the new nation.

He also tells him to receive their petition if any and promise them that the President will look into it and respond to it in good time. English Time and Place Written: However at times, the different narrators do not seem too different but appear as one. Chapter Eight A few days after Beatrice has returned from the private dinner organised by Major Sam, Chris visits her to ask about her experience at the party.

Anthills Of The Savannah … will prove hard to forget. Dus antnills Zijne Excellentie en een aantal andere leden van het kabinet en de geheime dienst op zoek naar redenen om de mannen uit de weg te ruimen. Kangan, aka Nigeria – for it bears an unmistakable resemblance to that xavanna – I have been to visit savanba.


Corruption Anthills of the Savannah also x-rays all forms of corruption—political, moral and social—among the ruling elites.

Chris is too reluctant to bring himself to talking terms with his erstwhile friend. This power issue can also be found in most of Soyinka’s works.

Summary and Analysis of Anthills of the Savannah by Chinua Achebe | Molare Oumar –

The relationship between Chris and Beatrice and that of Ikem and Elewa is healthy. Thanks for telling us about the problem. He decides to crusade against public executions immediately after attending one as a representative of the state-owned newspaper.

After he has lambasted the excesses and political wantonness of public office holders, he then uses the forum to propound his self-styled new radicalism, which he wants the people to embrace. His mother Janet Ileogbunam was educated at St.

Not only in terms of the comparisons between how they live, but also in their speech itself. In short, it chronicles the decay of “Sam”, a dictator of a fictional West African country, his sanity, and acheebe military dictatorship.

Overall, though at times too sketchy and at others too pedantic, Anthills achieves a difficult goal: Oct 25, Jen rated it did not like it.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The story itself is gripping, but distant.

Anthills Of/Savannah

He orders a state funeral for Chris but Beatrice is too distressed to attend the state burial of her husband. When Chris gets the full detail of Mad Medico’s deportation from Kangan, he tries to reach Ikem but to no avail. This antyills overtly revealed in his fretting attitude when the people of Abazon lead peaceful demonstrations to the State House.

Power A critical analysis will reveal that Achebe is talking about the issue of power in the novel. As in other African literature, however, as physical features of the land they also stand on their own merits — blisters on the earth itself, a punishment from above.


In the fracas that ensues, the cop shoots Chris dead. As a psychological fiction, Achebe uses it to mirror the inner landscape of the heart.

Arguably, the deaths of Major Sam, Ikem and Chris will not change anything. A week after Chris’s chinux, Beatrice summons enough courage to resume work but she is still hunted by the frightening thoughts of her irreparable losses. Major Sam is a proud man who sees the civilian folks as mere appendages and puppets.

Anthills of the Savannah by Chinua Achebe

When the Eastern Region declared itself independent under the name Biafra, Achebe decided to join his fellow Ibos. She is Beatrice’s girl friend. While in college, Achebe developed his interest in indigenous Nigerian cultures, and he rejected his Christian name, Albert, for his indigenous one, Chinua. I don’t know if Achebe’s critics would have wanted him annthills exaggerate his female characters by dressing them in foreign outfits.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The ghe of the title, an savanan re-used throughout the novel, are manyfold.

I had a difficult time following a lot of the action–he switches POVs frequently–and the dialogue, much of which is in a pigeon dialect that has a fantastic effect but I found almost impossible to understand.

But supposing my crusading editorials were indeed futile would I not be obliged to keep on writing them? Very anfhills is heard of him until he assumes office as the new Head of State after the adduction and assassination of Major Sam in a palace coup. The book ends with a non-traditional naming ceremony for Elewa and Ikem’s month-old daughter, organized by Beatrice.

Well, in my opinion, it could be both.