The Holy Psalmody: The Coptic Orthodox Church: Books – Buy the Hardcover Book The Holy Psalmody by The Coptic Orthodox Church at , Canada’s largest bookstore. + Get Free Shipping on. Edited by Fr. Matthias Farid Wahba. The book of the morning, evening, and midnight praises according to the rite of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Includes.

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Agpeya, Liturgy, Psalmody and Coptic Book of Psalms

The third beautiful meditation that can be taken from this wonderful praise of the three youths and their desire to ask the creation to praise God, is taken from H. The tune of this hymn is beautiful and can easily be meditated upon. Every prayer you make, every Psalm you sing, is recorded; every alm, every fast is recorded St. We are reminded that we should read and meditate on the Holy Bible and on the writings of the Fathers in the days of our youth, so that we may grow in Him, since the days of our youth are what shape our future.

Its shaft, its branches, its bowls, its ornamental knobs, and flowers shall be of one piece.

The Holy Psalmody : The Coptic Orthodox Church :

For in addition to the other things in which it enjoys an affinity and fellowship with the other books, it possesses, beyond that, this marvel of its own — namely, that it contains even the emotions of each soul, and it has cootic changes and rectifications of these delineated and regulated psalomdy itself.

It is indeed a comfort in this life to have one to whom you can open your heart to, with whom you can share confidences, and to whom you can entrust the secrets of your heart.


Therefore, through hearing, it teaches not only to disregard passion, but also how one must heal passion through psalkody and acting St. The first is that Moses and the children of Israel both sang this song. We thank our Heavenly Father for accepting this perfect sacrifice, and we thank our Lord Jesus Christ for making this beautiful sacrifice.

This verse is extremely important because it encourages the believers of God to join together in praising the Lord. The guards laid hold of the three youths because of their disobedience of the command to worship the golden idol, and brought them to the king.

He will guard the feet of His saints, But the wicked shall be silent in darkness. As noted in the previous point, the severity behind approaching the Holy Communion without a clean heart is a great sin, so great that it becomes a judgement to us. Since we have discovered that the psalms are a perfect means to express the feelings of the soul coptid to offer perfect praise to our Lord, we will try to discover why the church has incorporated these three pzalmody into the Psalmody following the Commemoration and the Doxology psalmoody the Saints.

Studies in Hymnology

This is exactly what takes place when we ask the saints to pray on our behalf. This can also be likened to our spiritual lives. Mary was on the Cross. He opened the gate of Paradise and restored Adam again to his authority.

In the Gospel of St. In his anger, Nebuchadnezzar commanded the fire to be hotter, in order to destroy the youths. A hidden earth was shone upon by the sun and an untrodden road, was walked cootic.


God was standing in their midst. We also notice the difference between an intercession and a prayer request.

He fulfilled all the sayings of the prophets and lived the perfect life according to the Law. It is a psalm rich in spirituality and full of thanksgiving. The intercession is specified for Saint Mary, the heavenly hosts, John the Baptist, and themartyrs. This is a type of St.

Coptic Heritage | Studies in Hymnology

John Chrysostom writes boom this importance:. It is so remarkable that the righteous saints of the Lord are able to stand before the Almighty God to plead with Him on behalf of the people! This again brings us back to the verse written by St. In the days of David the prophet, this hymn was sung by the believers as they entered into the city of Jerusalem. A book that covers the history and spirituality of the Holy Psalmody in the Coptic Orthodox Church, and which consists of contemplations and studies on some hymns.

The simplicity behind these symbols is very clear to the believer. We psalmodj also take the examples of the great fathers of the desert, such as St. In reciting the hymn of Exodus, we are driven to repentance and emotion because we are reminded of our former life when we were under the rule of the devil.

This hymn is one of perfect praise.