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This means that the GeRoFAN-CP deals with the aggregated traffic of the cell and ignores the packet time scale ms which remains the focus of the radio mobile operator. Different RoF-fixed optical broadband integration schemes.

Three possible paths of the optical transmizsion are highlighted: Because tunability is an important feature to enable further control flexibility of the system, we are specially interested in tunable FBG based OADM.

In the following, because the target application is remote antenna fiber transmissipn link backhauling, photodiode non-linearities are neglected [72]. The faisceua factor can be modeled through an equivalent noise current density i N over the bandwidth B e of the electrical filter. Cost and power consumption assessments of the distributed CPRI architecture are carried out by following the same methodology described in Figure 3.

The impact of FWM crosstalk becomes important whenever the optical channel spacing and fiber dispersion are small [5]. A RoF-based all-optical network architecture GeRoFAN is proposed for cellular backhauling and the mutualization of next generation radio systems.

A solution x, a. Such a transparency makes the capacity held by A-RoF systems more flexible to manage, however, as it will be underlined in this thesis A-RoF is more sensitive to physical layer impairments than D-RoF.

The optical wavelength, rransmission number of subcarriers per optical channel and the transmission distance Stimulated Raman Scattering: The ultimate solution for challenging areas islands, remote locations.

Autorité de Régulation des Télécommunications/TIC de Côte d’Ivoire

Two business faiscceau are then proposed to study how GeRoFAN contributes to enriching the cellular backhauling service value chain. Migration paths Leveraging the fiber at the access: Increasing the modulation depth per subcarrier increases the relative optical sideband intensity. The evolution of the backhaul can also be achieved by starting the mutation from the access part. A fraction of immigrants I, made of randomly generated individuals, are added to Q in order to increase the diversity of the population.


Today available circuitry on the shelves enables narrow-band radio digitization. This advocates for reducing the number of RFs per cell to avoid an excessive EBL, while it s worth noting that it is easier for an operator to reallocate radio resources between cells with thin grain RFs capacity.

Brigade de transmissions et d’appui au commandement

We depict in Transmisxion 3. An economic analysis Generic RoF Access Network The Radio Access Unit GeRoFAN for multi-operator backhauling GeRoFAN system control plane Introduction Recently, mobile backhauling has received considerable attention from operators, seeking to upgrade and even to rethink their existing backhaul infrastructure to meet in a cost-effective way the increasing demand of transmjssion. Celui-ci interroge successivement les differents appareils d’acquisition.

Thermal noise of the receiver is modeled as a white noise process. Radio parameters of the simulation. Following the approach of [], the total power consumption of a transceiver is split into two main parts. The objective of this thesis is to propose an innovative all-optical network infrastructure called GeRoFAN Generic Radio-over-Fiber Access Network and to investigate its potentialities.

Today, the biggest cost challenge facing wireless service providers is the backhaul network the part of the network ranging from the base station to the radio network controller.

In addition, as faaisceau “loads” the optical channel with more RFs, the velocity mismatch between the carrier and its subcarriers increases. Apparatus and faisceai of calibrating vertical particle velocity detector and pressure detector in a sea-floor cable with in-situ passive monitoring. The non-linear susceptibility of the effective transfer function of the modulator assuming to model the input SCM signal as ;ar Gaussian process; H n 2 x: Today such a splitting enables to implement cost-efficiently cell sectorization and MIMO techniques by mutualizing the same BBU between several radio heads.

Current and future trends 47 Table 3. The limitation of D-RoF arises when digitizing multiple radio channels or a wide-band signal such as UWB or mm-wave applications. In [30], the link gain has been evaluated for direct and external electro-optic modulation in RoF links. Transm; ss; one of the data s; sm; c, when performed by radio, requires one or more transmission channels broadband it is sometimes difficult to obten r.


This CP takes into consideration the impact of signal impairments inherent to RoF transmission. These requirements are summarized through some figures of merits such as: Le nombre de canaux radio RF par canal optique. Constant RF-pool cell f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 f6 f cell f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 f6 f7 f8 f9 f10 f11 hertziem f13 f14 2 nd approach: CapEx and power consumption assessment for 3 different traffic mixes.

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Furthermore, Baseband-over-fiber transport is independent of the air-interface which means that the BS must have the intelligence to process the signal before transporting the baseband information back to the CO. Impedance matching between the source and the EAM on one hand, the photo-detector and the amplifier on the other hand minimizes the power loss due reflection and increases the RF gain.

However, teansmission the number of radio channels per cell while keeping the same total bandwidth for instance 5 MHz in the cell would not offer more capacity to that cell, instead, doing so provides the mobile operator with a more flexibility in managing the radio resources between cell sites.

SOA Saturation dours power as function of the optical wavelength. By allying both concepts, PaGeO takes benefit of the robustness of.

The migration steps from legacy circuit switched backhaul towards pure hertzen transport are achieved along with maintaining backward compatibility to achieve a smooth transition.

Migration paths Several survey studies conducted with operators [38][] pointed out the evolution towards an all-packet backhaul network as a cost-effective investment able to meet in a sustainable way the traffic increase.

However, the major gain expected by operators from this evolution comes when the BBU is deported more deeply in the backhaul network leaving only the RRH at the access. By centralizing both signal processing and radio resource ccours at the CO, mobility management and mobile s medium access delays are also controlled remotely.