Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis [James Rickards] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In , President Nixon imposed. Written by James Rickards, Audiobook narrated by Walter Dixon. Sign-in to download visiting Audible? Get this book free when you sign up for a day Trial. Currency Wars book summary Start free 3-day trial Financial counselor, investment banker and risk manager James Rickards believes that every dollar.

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Currency wars have happened before, and will happen again, until everyone realizes that it is a mutually destructive weapon. Could you see Currency Wars being made into a movie or a TV series? Well, I mean it.

Currency Wars

It leads to several consequences. Towards the end, he even advocates specific banking regulation to avoid a repeat of the crisis of while simultaneously advocating for smaller government.

Rickards untangles the web of failed paradigms, wishful thinking, and arrogance driving current public policy and points the way toward a more informed and effective course of action. Not only have their theories failed to prevent calamity, they are making the currency wars worse. I wish, however, that it offered more insight on what an individual investor could do to hedge against the collapse of the dollar as predicted by the author.

It lacks the focus to give you a good grip on any of the related topics covered, but it does have a certain appeal as a survey. As Nicholas Shaxson writes in his book Treasure Islands: View all 3 comments. In some cases this tactic worked to some degree over the short term, but over the long term it resulted in competitive currency devaluations with disastrous social and economic consequences.

Although he rails against debt and profligacy, he seems to be really on board with this weekend pentagon circle-jerk which the author can’t seem to describe any concrete benefit to.


I’m no economist, but I found this book extremely insightful and level headed. Why, of course, export growth spurred on by currency devaluation.

How Not to Be Wrong. Nobody was more currenc than she when the folks at the Dallas Jwmes Reserve invited her aboard. This can be seen in how QE2 has exported inflation to China.

Investors stand rickatds a unique point in monetary history where the death of paper currencies on a global scale is taking place before their eyes. Summary – Documentary style examples Would you recommend this book to a friend?

Increasing the riskiness of this bet is that each national economy is starting from a relatively different position of strength. The ricards of the US dollar relative to other counties’ currencies makes US exports cost less and is The author did a good job of explaining the history and politics of currency wars, and yes, there are always nationalistic politics involved.

I think he publishes a book like this every few years because the people who share his thesis will buy it and love it. I never did develop a real interest in macroeconomics topics though I got a degree in economics, probably due to the concepts were quite far away from my twenty-something mind and life. Rickards untangles the web of failed paradigms, wishful thinking, and arrogance driving current public policy and points the way toward a more informed and effective course of action.

It will make you understand why we are on an unsustainable path and must break up rickads financial world into smaller and more understandable pieces with currency backed by a real asset.

Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis

A few notable excerpts: This classic expose of the Fed has become one of the best-selling books in its category of all time. Today we are engaged in a new currency war, and this time the consequences will be far worse than those that confronted Nixon. Less power is the answer, not more.

I can’t really form an opinion about the veracity of anything Rickards says, which aims at the big flaw here: And of course, there’s the material that directly relates to “currency wars”, or the notion that stealing resources from other nations rickadrs manipulating our currency and theirs to extract value from their economy and inject it into our own is really just fre form of conquest and does indeed deserve the term “war”–for grabbing the resources of other nations to fuel one’s own growth is nearly always the objective of any sort of war.


The book shows the true big picture that play into macro economics. That’s why he’s returned with Crash Proof 2. Not sure if anything new here. Currency wars have happened before-twice in the last century alone-and they always end badly. Take the blue pill. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. And then, there’s the bits about complex systems.

This Time Is Different. After reading this book, I understand what QE 1, 2 and 3 are: This game yielded a pivotal disclosure: The classical gold standard was a period with almost no inflation characterized by technology improvements in communication and transportation.

Why Im Buying Gold. One move in the status quo might bring China closer, as is already curremcy in Sino-Russian relations.

Every so often my curiosity is aroused at how it is those Wall Street traders are able to profit so handsomely from things like arbitrage and other forms of cream-skimming, but generally, I’m focused on other things.

Currency Wars Summary – James Rickards | Download PDF & Audiobook

This is an amazing book. I can get educated driving to work or doing yard work.

The idea of money being “stored energy” was also good. How Much is Enough?