Captured by the Light has 83 ratings and 8 reviews. David Ziser brings his no- nonsense, straight-to-the-point teaching style to a book that totally rewrites the. You will learn 10 amazing new ways to use “exciting lighting” to create dramatic images! 10 of the best lens choices and camera settings to produce strikingly. I figured it was only fair enough I added a review of Captured By The Light by David A. Ziser into the small stack of book reviews at Photography.

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Not a bad read either. That’s right everybody, we’re heading to the Galapagos Islands in mid-May, It’s basically a wedding photographers bible. He also gives some pretty good advice about wedding day timing, group posing, perspective, lens compression, lens selection etc They were — they were solar prominences!!! We introduced ourselves to each other and I quickly struck up a conversation. But alarmingly clouds began to float in over the sun — horrors of horrors — were we going to miss the eclipse!!!???

I simply cut the Mylar to fit my UV glass filter and secured, with a few drops of glue, one to the other and I was good-to-go. Packman to a banana and beyond — it really was amazing to watch the progression.

David Ziser’s Captured by the Light Tour

It too was taken with a shorter zissr or effectively mm on my Canon 7D Mk2. But… After we arrived home we decided the best place to find wild animals was the world famous Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens so off we went. This image of the orangutan is one of my favorites. Tons of examples on how to master studio-style daviv photography. I dug out my old Gitzo tripod of years past, prepped it for the shoot, and re-familiarize myself with using a tripod.


Captured by the Light: The Essential Guide to Creating Extraordinary Wedding Photography

teh You can really see them clearly. I was looking advid my viewfinder and in just seconds I was witnessing the beginning of the Great American Eclipse — Wow! That means that with the lens racked out to mm with the 1. Nashville was only about an hour more and it seemed that it offered a lot more to experience so we decided that we would head to Nashville, TN to check out the eclipse.

Digital ProTalk

On top of that LaDawn has become a grandmother for the second time and she is over the moon! Check out the next image — you will see them quite clearly in the cropped image. We walked the short distance to what looked to be a good viewing area and I began to set up tripods, cameras, long lenses, and filters. For someone just starting at wedding photography or who doe Had a TON of great information and tips, but it’s definitely targeted at a certain type of wedding photographer: Pam rated it it was amazing Aug 04, And boy, was he helpful – he had recently attended a local astronomy club meeting and picked up a “ton” of info on how to photograph the eclipse from beginning to end.

Jun 14, Joe rated it liked it. Between Ziser’s book and Scott Kelby’s The Digital Photography Book, volumes 1 and 2I got a good enough technical background and tips to feel comfortable with shooting my friends’ wedding.

Also my thanks for all the folks that stopped by to look through my camera and snap a few of the images off my LCD screen. It sure was looking that way.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you capturwd to read. This is a must for any wedding photographer. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

I would love to hear from you. Monday mourning – we had commitments all day Sunday which prevented us from leaving the day before. Lysandra Cook rated it it was amazing Oct 19, The food was fabulous the people in our group were wonderful.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I sure hope you are having a great summer. With just a few minutes from totality….

This isn’t to say the information he gives isn’t right, and that, particularly, his information on creating good light isn’t spot on, but he essentially has published a book that speaks to an audience that died out 10 years ago. Here is a quick photo of handsome Sam about 6 hours after he was born bu Wow, just look at all that hair!

This is actually a slightly cropped dvid but you still see it is really sharp. Join me as we follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin.

A loud cheer went up from the eclipse watchers — the it was — our first total solar eclipse — amazing!!! Next, where should we view the eclipse? On top of that LaDawn has become a grandmother for the third time on Christmas Eve – her best Christmas present ever! We were almost there — the Baily Beads were going to disappear in only seconds….