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The specific surface resistance of to ohm/square (DIN Switch life. Folex method according to DIN DIN , ASTM D Test inks are available, with different surface energies, to test the wettability of films to standards DIN [2] and ASTM Da [3]. Chemical embossing . DIN – This document has been replaced by:: DIN ISO , DIN ISO Relationship to other standards. This document.

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Roll products Sheet products Components Certificates Packaging and service. The inks of the no. Delivery time 2 Workdays. The test ink of the invention is the DIN inks as close as possible, with respect to the materials used so far, however, the advantage that they are labeling requirements for GStVO and European legislation on don substances. Product information “Test ink blue according to DIN “.

Aqueous dispersions of lamellar silicates, use thereof as paint additives and water-dilutable coating compositions containing lamellar silicates. The surface tension or the specific surface energy is the amount of energy that must be applied in order to increase 53346 surface of a liquid or a solid to a certain extent.

Die Tinten der Nr. Ref legal event code: To category How To Refill. Test ink for application to a work 53346 for the determination of its surface characteristics. Bei den in den Tabellen genannten Prozentwerten handelt es sich durchwegs um Volumenprozent.

Test ink according to any one of the preceding claims, characterized in that a first component having a lower surface tension value dipropylene glycol monomethyl ether or diethylene glycol diethyl ether is. To determine the sin tension of a solid, the contact angle method is usually used.

Since this is Glykoldilether, which thus does not have the desired chemical relationship to that used in the DIN standard glycol monoether, a similar behavior is not expected. High resistance to water, chemicals and UV light. Adhesive A General use acrylic permanent adhesive including smooth and slightly rough or curved surfaces.


Also with this liner. Thus, for example, show test inks include water as a component, generally higher surface tensions than the corresponding DIN inks with surface tension value. As basic components, the following materials are: Since the contact angle measuring method is very time-consuming and apparatur- the determination of the surface tension has prevailed by the wetting ability of test inks according to DIN standardin practice.

The invention relates to test inks of at least two components of different surface tension, in particular for applying to workpieces to determine the surface properties thereof. Customer evaluation for “Test ink blue according to DIN “. When wetted with a liquid, the wetting properties adjacent to the surface tension seem to depend on other properties.

Verwendbar sind aber auch Polyalkohole, vorzugsweise 1,2,3-Propantriol, oder Triethanolamin ist. However, diin inks wet out with the same surface tension value as the DIN inks not when applied to a plastic surface in the same manner as dih DIN ink.

From a certain surface tension, which depends on the material and pretreatment, wetting and adhesion can be expected. TR Free format text: B1 Designated state s: Toner Powder, Bulk Toner. Description Evaluations 0 Article questions 0. The following ternary mixture as a further example in reference to the comparison with the DIN inks very good results. However, if a triol such as glycerol added to give useful values. It is performed for liquids usually with the aid of a force measuring system, such as a ring balance.

Zu Vergleichsuntersuchungen werden auf unterschiedlichen Kunststoffen gleichzeitig DIN-Tinten und die neuentwickelten Tinten aufgetragen.

Adestor :: PE Transparent ┬Ám / A / WG62 product sheet

Carrier materials containing polymer-bound fillers, process for their manufacture and their use. Use of non-hazardous materials to prepare a test ink comprising at least two components of different surface tension, in particular for applying to workpieces vin determine the surface properties thereof, in particular the substances mentioned in claims dn to 14 are used.

These inks require under applicable law and regulations chemicals no marking and thus represent a significantly lower health risk for the user. Ferner sind einsetzbar Stoffe aus der Gruppe der organischen Dinitrile oder Trinitrile, auch Di- oder Tricyanoverbindungen genannt, vorzugsweise Bis Cyano- ethylether, DicyanoButen oder Glutaronitrile ist.


Download complete product sheet. For example, to adhere the surface with paint or adhesive, so to be able to wet permanently, the surface of the substrate chemically for example with primers or physically for example by gas flame is pretreated by changing the surface energy of the substrate.

Test ink blue according to DIN 53126

However, both materials are considerably more viscous than the starting materials of the DIN inks so that these inks contract slower than that.

They 533364 not react with the substrate such as a metal or plastic material and engages or releases no plastic surfaces. The surface tension of a solid body is a measure of the wettability and adhesion of inks, paints and adhesives. This testing procedure provides for the utilisation of a standardised blue test ink for all tests according to DIN Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform.

See product specifications and certificates. Download adhesive product sheet.

GWP: Surface tension

Test inks are used in surface treatment technology, both in production and in quality control in order to determine the surface tension of a substrate and thus the quality of pretreatment technology quickly and reliably. This object is inventively achieved by a test ink having the features of claim 1.

The DIN standard provides that, when the inks do not shrink on the surface to be tested within 2 seconds, then the surface tension of the surface than that of the ink is to be considered. A drop of liquid with a defined surface tension is applied to the solid. The speed of contraction is also determined in addition to the surface tension of the viscosity of the fluids.