That said, Swordmages decided that since they’re good at magic but not really that strong [Expand] Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Classes. Swordmages apply the arcane arts to melee combat. The combat skills they possess are enhanced by the magic they wield. The flourish of a. So someone got me a Borders gift card for Christmas, and I already had all the D&D books I wanted, so I went ahead and got the FRPG.

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Also a power that recharges everytime you hit Considering that Reflex is usually higher than will. However, drayons swordmage is limited to heavy blades. Thursday, 7th August, Unless otherwise stated, the content abd this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2. They were promptly shoved under a rock and buried with as much of the embarrassing shit from that book as possible, the theme lived on in first a prestige class, and then the Eldritch Knight, and then the Duskblade of 3rd edition.

So Swordmages are cool, full of tricks and generally powerful, but definitely not power-creeping. Which I intend not to become one. And, as I mentioned before, swordmages can use many encounter powers with AoA. Not to mention that minotaurs no longer work that way.

Spellshooting Swordmage (4e Character Optimization)

Dragonss Power Level Flame Cyclone Swordmage daily 1: Your defensive powers can protect your allies and yourself. Your attacks use Intelligence, so that should be your primary ability score. Aegis of Ensnarement, would bring them to me and Aegis of Shielding is for true defenders. I don’t, because it gives us an extra option if we use it. In the first ten levels they also has access to many OMG powers. Weapon Focus Heavy Blade Level The Swordmage Aegis class feature grants one of three at-will powers, aegis of assaultaegis of ensnarementor aegis of shielding.


Your enemy hits your bloodied ally, you immediately teleport and knock the crap out of them with a dungekns 2 to attack and a plus 3d10 to damage. We also retrain combat casting for Greater Swordmage Warding. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Knock’s targets around you prone.

Both Wizard and Swordmage powers are rather low-damage, though, and the lack of an ability that adds extra damage dice further limits its viability as a Striker. In 5th edition, the Bladesinger came back as a wizard tradition, and some of the Swordmage’s spells were brought back, now being shared by wizards, Sorcerers and Warlocks.

Retrieved from ” http: Two-Weapon Defense Level Also I have changed the Paragon path of my build and I made some slight changes.

Spellshooting Swordmage (4e Character Optimization) – D&D Wiki

Results 1 to 10 of Wednesday, 5th May, I play for quite a while now, the forth edition of Dungeons and Dragons and Dunegons just simply fell in love with the Forgotten Realms class, the Swordmage. Find out what you can do. He said Swordmage, not Swordsage.

And then, of course, there are those who insist that the ability to do things like throw your sword so that it stabs some fucker in the chest and then blows up in a fireball before reforming in your hand, turn your sword into a lightning bolt that bounces off of multiple targets, cut doorways in space or split yourself into multiple copies who can each fight independently is not gishy in the slightest When an enemy hits a bloodied ally, as a free action which means it can be used prior to your Aegis of Assault interruptyou get a plus 2 to hit and a plus 3d10 to damage until the end of your next turn.

By the end of it, you’ve likely dealt 9d10 extra damage. And there is no save.


Swordmage | D&D4 Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Bounding Lightning replaces Inferno’s Sword Swordmage encounter You also solve multiple implement dependence, and get to use a d8 instead of a d4. If you forge a bond with a different blade, the old bond dissipates.

Dimensional vortex does not simply let us teleport enemies away before they get to attack our allies, it also redirects the attack to a new target of our choice! This is mainly because of masterwork armor. The Aegis is also roughly equivalent to Divine Challenge, except without the stipulation that you have to dungeos them every round.

If you forge a bond with a different blade, the old bond dissipates.

Because the Wizard’s board now has a stupid parental policy and I cannot ask for advice there, I thus come here to ask and display my thoughts on how to optimize this class for perfect damage and mobility resolution. Divine Spark Strength Divine Spark: This heritage is embodied by the Coronal Guard tradition, a discipline that can be traced over a thousand years to the armathors, the elite guards of the coronal of Myth Drannor.

Unfortunately for Swordmages, their third class feature doesn’t actually confer a significant benefit in combat – Swordbond, which allows them to pick a weapon with which to bond.

In fact, Swordmage has an advantage here, since a lot of his encounter powers can be used with Aegis of Assault.

I don’t remember any way the swordmage gets to add another stat to damage on his attacks of oportunity however. Need to say more?