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Cloistered nuns with a secret!

El rio oscuro/ The Dark River – John Twelve Hawks – Google Books

I was hooked with The Traveler and was not disappointed by the way The Dark River continued the story. While I agree that the level of surveillance now available is terrifying, I think Twelve Hawks misses an important point: Also, Maya travels to Italy to learn more about access points previously thought available to only Travelers. I can only assume that book three takes our hero to the heights of profit or deliverer as he gains a victory over the opposing evil our own greed.

If you like sci-fi mixed with a little spritualism and some Matrix thrown in for oscuto, this is the book for you. I thought these books would be, at worst, lite escapism trash, but it truly is terrible, like some half-baked sci-fi premise that you’d see on NBC and later cancelled after half a season.

Mar 12, Julie H. Absolutely NOTHING happens in this book–sure, a few characters die, but the plot of this “trilogy” is not moved forward at all, the backstory which it could use is not developed, oscurk random shit is thrown together just because it seemed like the author thought it was cool.

I’m not going through the plot etc, everyone does.

The Traveler is a person who can travel to another realm, learning from these others worlds, he or she returns with a heightened knowledge that they can pass onto others. No ha oscurl una lectura apasionante, pero no ha estado nada mal. That is, hawls cultures have stories of prophets who have gained access to otherwise inaccessible information and used it for the good of society.


So, book 2 of the Fourth Realm Trilogy was pretty interesting. The author has presented an interesting world view and created a fascinating world in which his characters play out their drama.

El rio oscuro/ The Dark River

May 13, Topher rated it it was amazing Shelves: It ends on a cliffhanger leaving the reader wondering how the enigmatic John Twelve Hawks which is obviously a pseudonym will complete the epic and growing series with just one more book to go.

Books by John Twelve Hawks. Twelvee fact that the author is anonymous, and that Neal Stephenson and Stephen Hawking have been proposed as legitimate possibilities just ices the cake. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Maya, Hollis, Vicki, and Gabriel make this worth it; The more promin review of audio book.

I came into this with good will from reading the first installment. Great sequel of The Traveler. ocsuro

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pscuro Certainly no one would accuse Twelve Hawks of subtlety, and given the awkward moments of exposition in The Dark Rivermaybe he was right to rely on a recap. In addition, Twelve Hawks must have figured he got all that irritating character development nonsense out of the way in the first book, since it certainly doesn’t figure much here. Refresh and try again.

Best of all is when Maya and an Orthodox Jew travel to Axum in Ethiopia to view the Ark of the Covenant and must negotiate with local tribal peoples who totally understand precisely what it is that Maya is and what she must accomplish.


We are getting more of the author’s view of the “Realms” as we start to learn about how the Travelers can access the gates and move from one realm to another and the possibility of getting trapped.

Still, at this rik, I’ll read the last one just to see how it ends. And I liked the personality of Gabriel. A Traveler who was believed to be dead for nearly twenty years, Gabriel hears, may still be alive and trapped somewhere across the globe.

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This series is a guilty pleasure for me. To him, technology by itself is an evil.

And most important, gwelve see Gabriel, the Traveler Maya is tasked with protecting with her life, step up and begin to assume some responsibility. That segment takes more center stage here. Between that and the derivative plot points, ugh. The second coolest thing, in my estimation, was the cross-cultural perspective on the Traveler concept.

What is a guilty-pleasure read when it is not pleasurable? I am completely fascinated by this series. A recap indicates that the author lacks the basic skill of summarizing previous events within the book itself.

Overall, The Dark River is rip entertaining enough book, but it sinks under Twelve Hawk’s unsubtle attempts to transform it into something more meaningful. What was intriguingly prescient in the last book now seemed preachy, with regard to the dangers of trading freedom for safety. I was disgusted by her decision, and it affected my enjoyment of the book.