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By identifying with Christ, modern man can learn to confront painful historical events. Having risen above the human condition, the shaman is not bound by the flow of history. Trivia About Sacrum, mit, hist For instance, the New Year ceremonies among the Mesopotamiansthe Egyptiansand other Near Eastern peoples re-enacted their cosmogonic myths. Grielescu, who is identified as a disciple of Nae Ionescutook part in the Bucharest Pogromand is in Chicago as a refugee scholar, searching for the friendship of a Jewish colleague as a means to rehabilitate himself.

Anatolij Bakanurskij – – Humanistyka I Przyrodoznawstwo 9. Tomasz rated it really liked it Apr 18, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Eliade admits that every religious phenomenon is shaped by the particular culture and history that produced it:.

Sacrum, mit, historia: wybór esejów – Mircea Eliade – Google Books

Eliade asks rhetorically how modern man can “tolerate scarum catastrophes and horrors of history—from collective deportations and massacres to atomic bombings —if beyond them he can glimpse no sign, no transhistorical meaning”. Eliade’s image in contemporary culture also has political implications.

Eliade’s former friend, the communist Belu Zilberwho was attending the Paris Conference inrefused to see Eliade, arguing that, as an Iron Guard affiliate, the latter had “denounced left-wingers”, and contrasting him with Cioran “They are both Legionaries, but [Cioran] is honest”.

Thus, all these sacred trees are thought of as situated at the Centre of the World, and all the ritual trees or posts [ At eliadee end of the story, Andronic and the female character Dorina are found on the island, naked and locked in a sensual embrace.

Archived from the original on October 11, Ellwood notes the obvious parallel between the conservatism of myth, which speaks of a primordial golden age, and the conservatism of far right politics. Thus, Eliade argues, modern man can learn to see his historical ordeals, even death, as necessary initiations into the next stage of one’s existence.


This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat Chilton – – Classical Quarterly 30 Criticism of religion Ethics in religion Exegesis History of religion Religion Religious language Religious philosophy Relationship between religion and science Political science of religion Faith and rationality more One mih later, a text, accompanied by his picture, was featured as answer to an inquiry by the Iron Eliaed Buna Vestire about the reasons he had for supporting the movement.

You are asking me, then, to give up my authentic existence and to take refuge in an abstraction, in pure Being, in the atman: Orneain the s Eliade denied authorship of the text.

Anatolij Bakanurskij – – Humanistyka I Przyrodoznawstwo 9. As Eluade noted, Eliade, Emil Cioran and Constantin Noica “represent in Historoa culture ultimate expressions of excellence, [Eliade and Cioran] being regarded as proof that Romania’s interwar culture and, by extension, Romanian culture as a whole was able to reach the ultimate levels of depth, sophistication and creativity. He studied the basics of Indian philosophyand, in parallel, learned Sanskrit, Pali and Bengali under Dasgupta’s direction.

For example, Kirk argues that the eternal return does not accurately describe the functions of Native American or Greek mythology. A manifestation of the Sacred in profane space is, mot definition, an example of something breaking through from one plane of existence to another. History of Western Philosophy. Because Romantics stress that emotion and imagination have the same dignity as reason, Ellwood argues, they tend to think political truth “is known less by rational considerations than by its capacity to fire the passions” and, therefore, that political truth is “very apt to be found [ Various critics have traced links between Eliade’s fiction works and his political views, eliad Romanian politics in general.

In contrast to profane space, the site of a hierophany has a sacred structure to which religious man conforms himself.

Ronald Indena historian of India and University of Chicago professor, criticized Mircea Eliade, alongside other intellectual figures Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell among themfor encouraging a “romantic view” of Hinduism. Valerian[] and Ion Biberi. His literary works belong to the fantastic and autobiographical genres. According to Eliade, “modern nonreligious man assumes a new existential situation”.


In more than one way, this death and resurrection represents the shaman’s elevation above human nature. Persuading the pastor’s adolescent son to run away from home, becoming the sexual initiator of a twelve-year-old girl and the lover of a much older woman, the character also attempts to seduce Isabel.

According to Eliade, Yoga techniques aim at escaping the limitations of the body, allowing the soul atman to rise above maya and reach the Sacred nirvanamoksha. No categories specified categorize this paper. Eliade’s scholarly works began after a long period of study in British Indiaat the University of Calcutta. Third, the shamanistic phenomenon of repeated death and resurrection also represents a transfiguration in other ways.

Mediatorzy w kulturze ludowej: Historian Irina Livezeanu proposed that the respect he enjoys in Romania is matched by that of other “nationalist thinkers and politicians” who “have reentered the contemporary scene largely as heroes of a pre- and anticommunist past”, including Nae Ionescu and Cioran, but also Ion Antonescu and Nichifor Crainic.

At the time, historian Gershom Scholem asked Eliade to explain his attitudes, which the latter did using vague terms. Eliade cites a wide variety of myths and rituals to support his theories.

Eight days previously, he suffered a stroke while reading Emil Cioran ‘s Exercises of Admirationand had subsequently lost his speech function. Eliade noted that, when traditional societies found a new territory, they often perform consecrating rituals that reenact the hierophany that established the Center and founded the world.

Mircea Eliade

Instead, he became interested in natural science and chemistryas well as the occult[3] and wrote short pieces on entomological subjects. Eliade even suggests that traditional thought offers relief from the vague anxiety caused by “our obscure presentiment of the end of the world, or more exactly of the end of our world, our own civilization”. Eliade reinterpreted the Greek mythological figure Iphigeneia in his eponymous play. Myth describes the Sacred’s first appearance; therefore, the mythical age is sacred time, [90] the only time of value: Paul Henry, S J.: