SAP EP –SAP NetWeaver Portal – Development – NW (v – Col72)– NEW. SAP EP –SAP NetWeaver Portal – System Administration – NW Create a new portal application 3: Portal Service Development SAP NWDS Support for Portal Service Implementation Figure SAP. The SAP EP Development Certification Sample Question Set is prepared to make you familiar with actual SAP C_EP_ exam question format and exam.

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In this view, you can also enable or disable breakpoints, delete them, or add new ones.

Security zone functionality is only operational when the PRT security mode is set to production mode. Access the string within the doContent method of the component HelloWorldComponent.

Extend the previous exercise and translate all labels on the screen. Deploy this service to the portal. Contains a huge bundle of documentation and howtos All available coding samples you find here Sample Applications include: Creating the Deployment DescriptorFigure Deploy and test your component.

Login to the Training Environment using Citrix. The attribute alias defines an additional name for the portal application.

Access Portal Services from another Sxp application.

SAP EP Certification Exam Syllabus

SNP Poland ensures that the data provided to these entities is properly secured, and the person whose data is processed has the right to obtain a copy of the data provided and information on the location of the data provision. Download the free utility from the Alphaworks website http: InternationalizationLesson OverviewLesson ObjectivesAfter completing this lesson, you will be able to: In the further sections we refer to the flavor iView when speaking about Portal Components.


User Factory Obtaining a User objectThe IUser object contains most the information that you probably need regarding a user. Change the defaulted first tab to dynamically show the selection: Portal ServicesIn the non-trivial case, a service provides an interface based API and an implementation.

Visualization and business logic are not separate Content management consumes a lot of qualified manpower. Standard Portal ServicesEPDifferent applications or iViews which want to store application-specific data for the same principal object might cause inconsistencies by overwriting or deleting the data written by another application or iView. Only at deployment is the model actually compiled into the executable code required by the selected UI technology.

However, special cases such as the portal logon component require direct URL access to portal applications without an iView. Donphan accepts the bribe and begins to help them. Select the breakpoint to which a hit count is to be added. Layer on top of the persistence manager.

Downloading Ebooks

Everything can be packaged in a PAR file but depending on the purpose of the objects different properties may be needed to be set. So the model proposed by the PRT can be extended to support, for example, different user interface models or different programming models.

Any component that does not have a proper vendor, security area or safety level property are listed under an UndefinedVendor, UndefinedSecurityArea or UndefinedSafetyLevel folder in the appropriate location in the Security Zones folder in the Portal Catalog.


Deployment and TestFigure That is why much of the Eclipse function set is generic in nature.

If authorized, the user can view the iViews content. Use the UMFactory resp. Ash and his friends stumble across Rochelle again as she tries to locate her missing Donphan. Specific user sets or attributes can be distributed across different repositories.

SAP NetWeaver Portal – Development

To prevent a complete lockout situation that prevents access to the portal by all users, including super users, you must make sure that all xap groups representing anonymous users for example, the Everyone group have end-user permission enabled for the safety level that permits anonymous access to portal components and services accessed by a URL for example, the no safety level.

IUser MethodsIUser is read-only.

Please install the Visual composer. Change the number of months displayed by the DateNavigator element.

Create a new property called colorName and assign an initial value of blue. Method BreakpointsTo add a method breakpoint: Create new Portal ProjectIf the sao do not display on the toolbar, you may need to add them to your perspective.

Enter UserInfoComponent into the name field.