Erwin Puts, the author of Leica Lens Compendium book and TAO of Leica web- site allowed us to convert his book to html format and publish it on the. Results 1 – 17 of 17 Leica Lens Compendium by Puts, Erwin and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Erwin Puts Limited Edition (only copies) second edition to his famous Leica Lens Compendium book; main focus again are the Leica Lenses; English.

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Man Ray and his assistant, Lee Miller, considered the darkroom their laboratory and considered the magic of the developing image on the negative and the print the greatest creative emotion that the process of photography could provide. You name it and you get it. What people need is an anchor point. The relation between the photographer and reality has dramatically changed in the last twenty years, partly under the influence of the powerful post-processing programs.

Nowadays, one can sometimes find a pre-owned copy on ebay click here to check current listingsor be content with the less nicely presented, but equally resourceful pdf-information. And when we look at the average performance, the M system is only one of several options. Sign up for a new account in our community.

In direct comparisons, images from other camera systems look flat two-dimensional and dull, the colors look dirty as opposed to pure, and the images seem to lack inherent sharpness probably because of the blurring filter, which Leica does not use while the others do to help eliminate Moire patterns.

Now the increase of production had to be accomplished by a faster production line assisted by the lavish support of computer assisted manufacture.

Defining a new product that can cover all these different demands and wishes is not easy. Volkswagen has its platform strategy, Ikea only uses three types of screws for all its products, Apple has a small range of products with a reduction of options.

The Leica Compendium is naturally a much larger book pages than the Leica Lens Compendium pages and covers Leica’s lica, Leica cameras, and optical aberrations and engineering in greater depth, as well as screw mount, M rangefinderReflex, and Viso lenses.


In the past photographers had 35mm cameras, medium format cameras and large studio cameras that were optimized for its special set of tasks and goals. Leica product management should reflect on the basic values of the Leica camera. There are two different ways to assess the M The bloated feature list did away with this potential advantage. It is however visible for anyone. The Elmar was the first lens, designed by Berek for the Leitz rangefinder camera and was a good companion to the M3, because of its compact size and good performance.

The white balance, sharpness, detail, color rendition, contrast, Dynamic Range, etc. His stance on issues of reliability and unreliability of comprndium equipment was well-balanced. Electronics are very reliable and durable, because there are no moving parts, but the MTBF is not a good indicator of reliability.

Leica Downloads – Books, Brochures and Price Lists

In a sense this is the ultimate proof that Barnack was right. Some journalists already predict the end of the traditional mirrorbox as the main design component of the system camera professional or amateur.

Of course one can say that the chemical development of a silver-halide emulsion is totally different compenndium reconstructing an array of numbers in a file by a software program to an image, but one should not confuse technological means with end results. The important characteristic is the possibility of calibrating the meter to the dynamic range of the specific digital cameras you use.

Witness the erein price drops of a product at the end of its commercial lifecycle. Sekonic has always offered the most funcions in one package compenxium uses a different calibration which means that both type of meters may differ by a half to a full stop.

The limits of the material are recorded and a technique is developed to tackle the problem.

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The MP is the original M6 with some elements of the M3. There was that thrill of expectation and anxiety when inspecting the still wet negatives if the special shoot was sharp and correctly exposed and framed.


It took Leitz compensium years from to to produce a product that could meet the highest scientific and engineering demands in the photographic world. My test results indicated indeed that the ASC 50 is flare free under almost all circumstances. For most of its history, photographic camera companies were small cottage industries. Well folks, this camera absolutely nails it.

Erwin Puts Book – The Leica Compendium –

From to Leica followed the strategy of producing a few high-end, high-quality camera lines, at first the I,II, III series with minor variations to differentiate the price tags, later the M line was added, then the III was dropped and the Leicaflex and R-range came alongside the M.

Canon, Nikon have tens of thousands of employees, many factories srwin a strong amount of synergy between components and products as has Audi and its parent company VW. In nobody did take the digital technology serious and film emulsions, especially slide films, were continually improved. Erwin’s articles, books and lists are helpful, so I have the books, the PDF’s and all handy for whenever I want to do research.

Photoshop is capable of producing every shape one wishes and one can compose a picture with carefully selected and manipulated parts and components. Buying material goods, like cars or iphones or cameras, is not a rational activity and certainly not based on a rational or logical reasoning. The introduction in of the 35mm film sealed the fate of the large format camera, but this one could hold on in protected niches for a long time. Puuts one would be an act of trust.

This intimate knowledge of the digital components is no longer possible. The other attack on the classical style of photography comes from the smartphone where a new type of photography, aptly called smartphonography, is coming into existence.