Ifigenia in Tauride – Baccanti has 16 ratings and 0 reviews. Testo originale a fronte. “Ifigenia in Tauride” è una tragedia di Euripide. Ifigenia scampò per poco dall’ essere immolata dal padre Agamennone come vittima sacrificale (“Ifigenia in. Ifigenia in Tauride. [ed.) Euripides [Euripide] (Antonio Cantele] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The two decide to hide and make a plan to retrieve the idol without being captured. However, the most important as far as Gluck is concerned — because it formed the basis of Guillard’s libretto — is Guimond de la Touche’s spoken tragedy, which premiered in Paris on 4 June Tsuride fille de Latone.

She has had a dream in which the structure of her family’s house crashed down in ruins, leaving only a single column. The ultimate source of the drama was Euripides ‘ tragedy Iphigenia in Tauris.

Albana added it Jan 10, By combining and rearranging the tangled threads, and by adding fresh inventions of his own, Euripides was able to produce ifienia striking legend and one of the finest of his ruripide. Orestes reveals his identity to Iphigenia, who demands proof. Although the trial ends in his favour, the Erinyes continue to haunt him. The scene represents the front of the temple of Artemis in the land of the Taurians modern Crimea.

Euripidd me from this idigenia land, free me from this slaughterous priesthood, in which it is my office to kill strangers. Upon hearing this, Iphigenia decides that she wants one of the strangers to return a letter to Argos, and that she will only sacrifice one of them.


L’Almanacco di Gherardo Casaglia in Italian. Gluck may have wanted to compose his own reform opera on the Tauris theme but Traetta’s opera made this impossible for the time being. Both men readily agree, and Iphigenia chooses Orestes to survive. As for the Da Ponte Italian taride, [18] there was a “memorable” staging at the Teatro alla Scala inwith Nino Sanzogno conducting the orchestra, Luchino Visconti as the director and Euriipide Callas in the title role.

There is no overture; the opera begins with a short passage evoking calm before turning into a depiction of a great storm at sea. The strangers arrived with the blood of kin on their hands and they must be cleansed.

Iphigénie en Tauride (Gluck) – Wikipedia

Orestes and Pylades brought before Iphigenia, by Joseph Strutt. To see what your friends thought of eudipide book, please sign up. Iphigenia Among the Taurians.

Lloyd, in Acta Classica 59 p. Despite the attempts of the Eurkpide of Greek slaves to mislead him, King Thoas finds out from a messenger that the Greeks have escaped and he vows to pursue and kill them as their escape is delayed by adverse winds. She wants to inform them that, thanks to gauride miraculous swap performed by Artemis, she is still alive and wants to return to her homeland, leaving the role of high priestess to someone else.

In other projects Wikisource.

Ifigenia in Tauride

As Donald Grout describes it: Anna Marangon added it Jul 13, She that was sacrificed in Aulis send this message, Iphigenia, still alive, though dead to those at Argos. It is perhaps the first occurrence in opera of this euripidr of using the orchestra to reveal the inward truth of a situation, in distinction from, even in contradiction to, the words of the text — a practice that Wagner was later to incorporate into a complete system. This has often been taken ifigeniz a reason to reject as the date for Iphigenia in Taurissince that would mean three similar plays would have been performed in the same trilogy.


A chorus of Scythians comes bringing news of two young Greeks who have just been found shipwrecked, demanding their blood Il nous fallait du sang.

Back to Top of Page. Iphigenia tells Thoas that he must remain at the temple and cleanse the hall with torches, and that she may take a long time. She addresses Iphigenia, telling her to be priestess at the sacred terraces of Brauron, and she tells Orestes that she is saving him again. Euripidd rated it liked it Nov 22, Iphigenia asks Ehripide his origins, but Orestes refuses to tell Iphigenia his name.

Iphigenia asks Orestes many questions, especially of Greeks who fought in Troy. There, she has been made a priestess at the temple of Artemis, and given the gruesome task of ritually ifiegnia any foreigners who land on the shores of King Thoas’ kingdom of Tauris.

Then she brought me to stay in this land. This is a complete list of Gluck’s borrowings: Alessandra Panzitta rated it liked it Ifihenia 22,