EXAIR Cabinet Coolers incorporate a vortex tube to produce cold air from compressed air – with no moving parts. The compact Cabinet Cooler can be installed. What is an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler System? A low cost, reliable way to cool and purge electronic control panels. EXAIR Cabinet Coolers incorporate a vortex tube . EXAIR Cabinet Coolers, Cooling electronic control, Picking the right Cabinet Cooler, NEMA 4, NEMA 12, NEMA 4x, buy now at Eputec.

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This filter is critical for protection of electronics from water in the compressed air line. The heat exchange of most air-to-air unit relies on a heat pipe, a heat-transfer device which converts an internal refrigerant liquid into vapor by placing one end of the pipe in contact with the hot environment.

Many power companies now provide cooer rebates to cabiney who switch to engineered Super Exar Nozzles! Dirt in the ambient environment will impact cooling performance with an air-to-air heat exchanger. The digital display shows the exact amount of compressed air being used, making it easy to identify costly leaks or inefficient air products. Super Air Knives that are 24″ or longer must be supplied with compressed air at multiple inlets on the knife to ensure even airflow.

It is ideal for those hard to reach spaces, confined areas that require a concentrated flow of static eliminating ions or on a benchtop. It maximizes ionized airflow while minimizing compressed air consumption. Heat build up on dry machining operations reduces tool life and machining rates. Force and flow for the Adjustable Air Amplifier is changed by turning the exhaust end with the knurled ring loose to open or close the continuous air gap.


NEMA 4 Cabinet Cooler and Accessories – Cabinet Coolers – Products

A Filter Separator should be installed prior to an oil removal filter, pressure regulator or valve. A low cost solution to a wide variety of industrial housekeeping problems. The compact design features large throat diameters for maximum throughput capability. The enclosure must be sealed to prevent condensation. The Gen4 Ionizing Point is effective for spot neutralization.

The Cabinet Cooler mounts to the enclosure through a drilled hole or electrical knockout. You can also choose some of our most popular combinations already combined for your convenience. Both the outlet and inlet can be ducted for remote positioning. My Cart You have no items in your shopping cart. In stock for all hose compatible Line Vacs up to 3″.

Quick Overview Cabinet Cabindt video. Each of these systems will cabiner a water-dirt filter separator to prevent water condensate and dirt from entering your enclosure and cold air distribution kit used to direct the air for circulation or on to hot spots.

Since airflow is directed back toward the operator, personal protective equipment is recommended. S ystems with thermostat control include a Cabinet Cooler, thermostat, solenoid valve, cold air distribution kit and filter. What is the temperature range for the ETC?

Model NEMA 12 1, Btu/hr Cabinet Cooler w Therm

No moving parts or electricity assures maintenance free operation. Noise levels are greatly reduced when compared to other blowoffs.

A low cost, reliable way to cool and purge electronic control panels. Email to a Friend Sign up for promotion alerts. These single stage, cylindrical units are compact and easy to mount at the point of use. Select the model number that includes your choice of Air Nozzle or Jet, a length of Stay Set Hose, and a one or two outlet magnetic base. Kits including a solenoid valve and thermostat are available to retrofit existing Cabinet Coolers which cabihet operating continuously. Cabinet Cooler Systems can be configured to ckoler in a Continuous Operation or with Thermostat control.


Sign up for promotion alerts. Pressure Gauges and Thermostat. They prevent these contaminants from plugging or damaging the compressed air products.

The ergonomic design keeps the hand in a comfortable position and incorporates a large trigger that permits operation with one or more fingers. Non-Hazardous Purge — ideal for dirty areas where contaminants might normally pass through small holes or conduits. Since airflow is directed back toward the operator, personal protective equipment is recommended.

Floor level coolant sumps can be easily refilled, floor spills vacuumed, or contaminated liquids transferred to filtration tanks in minutes. Simply mount the hose in close proximity to the application and bend it. Correct placement of the blowing angle can help optimize performance, reduce noise levels and improve efficiency.

EXAIR’s Pressure Regulators permit easy selection of an operating pressure that will allow the air product to work properly without using excessive amounts of compressed air. Its compressed air powered vacuum fills a 55 gallon drum in less than two minutes.

NEMA 4 Cabinet Cooler and Accessories

Mounting and Coupling Bracket. No cutting, welding, adjustments or calibration are ever required. Using a small amount of compressed air as their power source, High Temperature Air Amplifiers pull in large volumes of surrounding air to produce high volume, high velocity outlet flows through a fixed air gap. Hearing loss induced by high noise in the workplace is a common problem.

The durable cast aluminum body is suited for rugged industrial use and includes a convenient hanger hook for easy storage. Performance is the same as our standard Line Vac.