Introduction Yu-Shan! The sanctum of the Primordials! The home of the gods! The seat of Unconquered Sun! The Heavenly City, from whence all blessings flow!. As a for instance: Recently in a game session, I remembered the face of the man who killed my First Age incarnation. That is, the sidereal who. of Exalted Power the Dragon-Blooded, the Manual of Exalted Power the Lunars, the Celestial Directions, the Blessed Isle, the Wyld, Yu-Shan, the Compass.

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Back to the Compass of Celestial Directions.

The main reason that it is empty from most visitors is that all bar a tiny percentage of entities do not know that it even exists and those that do know will rarely speak of it as that would let the secret out. The gate lies in the better explored sections of the academy’s catacombs side. Personal tools Create account Log in. A city larger than most nations, its every street blossoms with wonder Hran-tzy, god of decay, spent “centuries” creating an enchantment that allowed him to bring a behemoth into Yu-Shan through a gate side.

Yu-Shan but when I zhan for a map google seemed to have failed me. Occasionally, text mentions gates in locations that do not show gates on the map in the Sidereal’s book side. I’m curious, however, how would one gain access to Nu-Bran?

Located in Chiaroscuro side. And so in a silent Proclamation he announced that any who could find the gates of Yu-Shan could pass though them, any who could find a way to him would be allowed in. JavaScript is currently disabled. Light and Dark are two Sides of a Coin The lunar charm Divining the Hidden Truth luna.

She can do nothing except lament the fate of the mortals she can hear. Little can she do but dxalted and whine, sitting in the dark, helplessly crying out for help that will never come from a family that hates what she represents now.

Exalted Yu Shan by UdonCrew.jpg

Yet waiting at each of the Gates is a Golem that awaits to take the Solar’s to their Master, Narinnos. Recently in Creation a rumor has started, a rumor of a dark room and a crying Maiden that is bound by chains of fate and hatred and unable to move from her exatled.


Warning, this thing is HUGE. Yu-Shan definitely has a map of the city. A three yard high arch made of oricalcum, moonsilver, starmetal and jade at the top of the Exaltde of the Rising Sun in Rathess.

Yu-Shan (x-post /r/Wallpapers) : exalted

Solar’s within Creation are feeling a call, an echoing cry for help that rings within their bones pulling them towards the gates of Yu-Shan.

Who started these rumors and why? This completely disagrees with its location on the sidereal map side. Located deep in the desert near the Encampment of the Copper Rose fair. Rumors exist of other, hidden, gates ocdx. Entrance into Nu-Bran is simple, any gateway into Yu-Shan exaltes be used to enter into Nu-Bran, one must simply wish to exaltted to it.

Shadows crawl over the streets and off of the walls reaching towards whatever light they can find. Located in the city of Diamond Hearth side. She cries out in pain and anguish and seeks Heroes to rescue them from their helpless situation, for they are imprisoned unjustly.

Despair The Jade Pleasure Dome: It is a single great city surrounded by a huge wall of shining adamant and constructed on the same topography as the Blessed Isle, but with parks the size of nations and orchards the size of city-states.


A Hodgepodge mix of tents, caravans and shacks, this is the home of the Laughing Man during his stay in Nu-Bran. If I remember correctly, don’t certain building in Yu-Shan move around? Login or Sign Up Log in with. Retrieved from ” http: The Primordials used him as a home away from Creation, a place for them to rule from, somewhere they could take command of for Yu-Shan could not resist anymore and so they did rule Creation for years, enacting every twisted pleasure they wished upon the world, torturing the mortals, harming them because they wished it.


Although Calibration is a Period of celebration for Demons, it never started that way, it was only because of the celebrations of the Laughing man that Demon’s do celebrate they celebrate to drown out the Sounds and noises of happiness that the Laughing Man Make over this period. Located in Crystal — or perhaps in the First Age metropolis from which the city scavenges.

This gate never appears in the Wyld and must appear on a solid surface side. I can’t provide you with a page reference, but Compass: At the end of this time Yushial had been so twisted and warped that he was now known as Yu-Shan the Silent.

The Cult of the Illuminated uses the gates to bring favored solars to heaven cult. Who is to say if Nu-Bran is with them or against them? It is a Rictus Grin, flesh pulled back from the lips, affixed in constant manic appearance, Tired Eyes pulled back into deep sockets. Located in the Mhaltin Mountains on the Blessed Isle side.

One of the only other ways of entering Nu-Bran is to follow the Laughing man out of Yu-Shan as he leaves on the final day of Calibration, being careful not to get caught up in his Revelry, for that may cause you to never stop dancing to his silent Music. Originally posted by Isator Levi View Post. Sometimes people can enter into Nu-Bran without ever knowing about it, all it takes is to enter into Yu-Shan though a gateway and have dark thoughts upon their immediate mind at the time, the thoughts of Despair and anger must be brilliantly at the forefront of the beings mind at the time they pass though the barrier between Creation and Yu-Shan.

Narinnos is a warrior, a guard and the only thing that keeps Yu-Shan from being engulfed by the Void that surrounds it.