Key words: Intravenous anesthesia, remifentanyl, propofol, infusion pump, .. Aguilera L. Conceptos básicos de farmacocinética farmacodinámia en TIVA. Propofol nanoemulsion is a new formulation consisting of nanoemulsified systems, characterized by the absence of lipid vehicle. Changes in drug vehicle may. Anestesia-Reanimación – A – Propofol – EM|consulte.

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farmafocinetica Kay B, Stephenson DK. Thus, for example, opioids administered at high doses for anesthetic procedures are an option to deliver adequate analgesia, decreasing the minimum alveolar concentration of inhaled agents or the plasma concentrations of intravenous hypnotic agents because of a synergistic interaction that delivers analgesic power and predictability of the clinical response since both the onset and the end of the desired clinical effect can be accurately predicted The time the drug needs to reach an equilibrium rate between V1 and the effectsite is represented by the velocity constant k1e and the equilibrium constant between Ve and V1 is ke1.

Pharmacodynamic Interactions The simultaneous administration of anesthetic agents gives rise to different interactions that can be additive, empowering or inhibitory.

During the pharmacokinetic phase, the pharmacokinetic models are the corner stone for administering the drug In the present article the utilization of the nomograms are presented didactically via examples which permit the reader to assess her or his grade of comprehension and dispel doubts about the application of the pharmacokinetic concepts for remifentanil and propofol.


Propofol predicted effect concentrations at loss of consciousness are strongly correlated with predicted concentrations at recovery of consciousness.

Instead, only the outflow from Ve is taken into account. There are three types of pharmacokinetic models 1: The aim of this study was to evaluate the pharmacokinetics of a new oil in water propofol nanoemulsion formulation, compared to the traditional lipid emulsion.

This equation is very simple as a basic model for the application of non-lineal regression used to estimate the pharmacokinetic parameters, to control the continuous intravenous drug infusion using a computer and do simulations or estimate dosing regimens The curved lines represent the plasmatic concentrations see figure 1 and 2.

The use of these nomograms allows having an orientation concerning how to obtain the desired plasmatic concentration, administering anesthesia in more precise quantities and in accord with the moment and characteristics of the surgery. Preliminary pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of an ultra-short-acting opioid: They have a large ke0 and a short hysteresis and consequently, a fast onset to allow for plasma concentration adjustments within relatively narrow therapeutic ranges, providing a flexible treatment strategy.

C50 for propofol-remifentanil target-controlled infusion and bispectral index at loss of consciousness and response to painful stimulus in Chinese patients: Plasma concentrations of propofol above 1. The phar mace utical and phar mac oki netic phase The development of total intravenous anesthesia is closely linked to the development of infusion systems.

According to different studies, these are Grupo farmacocineticw Anestesia Total Intravenosa; A search of the indexed literature was done to identify educational and illustrative articles about total intravenous anesthesia concepts and pharmacokinetics.


The heavier the patient, the higher the V1. A general method for calculating the dosage scheme in linear pharmacokinetics.

In the inferior propofl, are the year-old patients, and in the superior, the year-olds. Individual effect-site concentrations of propofol at return of consciousness are related to the concentrations at loss of consciousness and age in neurosurgical patients.

In order to achieve this concentration one takes point F directly from the black line 1.

Farmacocinética do propofol em nanoemulsão em cães

Comparison of a computer-assisted infusion versus intermittent bolus administration of alfentanil as a supplement to nitrous oxide for lower abdominal surgery.

Farmacoocinetica versus target-controlled infusions of propofol.

A manual infusion scheme. A similar trial by Breslin in showed similar results in terms of depth of anesthesia and awaking times. Advanced pharmacokinetic models based on organ clearance, circulatory, and fractal concepts.

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Interaction of propofol and sevoflurane on farmacocijetica of consciousness and movement to skin incision during general anesthesia. This is called the surface model and shows the interaction at different levels of effect and hence of different concentrations of each drug figure 4 Anestesia basada en analgesia.

The development of ‘Diprifusor’: Target controlled infusion in practice. How to cite this article.