The Veil and the Male Elite: A Feminist Interpretation of Women’s Rights in Islam. Fatema Mernissi, Author, Fatima Mernissi, Author Addison Wesley Publishing. The Veil and the Male Elite. A Feminist Interpretation of Women’s Rights in Islam. by Fatima Mernissi. translated by Mary Jo Lakeland. Title, The veil and the male elite: a feminist interpretation of women’s rights in Islam / Fatima Mernissi ; translated by Mary Jo Lakeland. Author, Mernissi, Fatima .

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I know many Muslim women who wear the scarf yet seem to do it for show and know little about their religion.

Fatima Mernissi, The Veil and the Male Elite

To what extent can one do violence to the sacred texts? He was replaced by. So, beyond its spiritual dimension, Islam was first and foremost a promise of power, unity, and triumph for a marginalized people, divided and occupied, who wasted their energy in intertribal wars.

Apparently Abu Hurayra, that Companioll who put woman in the same category as the ass and the dog as disturbances for the believer, did not at all understand his risala messagesince he nlade woman an element that interrupted worship by “interposing herself between him and the qibla.

It was Allah who answered, through the medium of ayat versesthe questions of the new converts about the way to be Muslim al-ayat jawab Ii rnustakhbir. He began by “offering l1imself to the tribes”: The jourlley that she recounted was not the same as the one they taught us so forcefully at the Koranic school.

He was assailed by self-doubt: Lalla Faqiha the teacher was so obsessed with pronunciation that she barely explained to us what the words meant. Explain to us what is going on.

The example of this is Imam Zarkashi, who, luckily for us, recorded in writing all of tA’isha’s objections. He had such a fixation about female cats and women that he recalled that the Prophet had pronounced a Hadith concerning the two creatures – and in which the female cat comes off much better than the woman.

Nevertheless, we should remember that if the Prophet succeeded in his mission, it was because the Arab terrain was ripe for an ideological bouleversement. The introduction and first chapter are an inexplicably unintelligible low point of the book, and I highly recommend skipping them nad perhaps returning later; I nearly threw in the towel on reading the entire work because these were either so poorly written or translated that I found them almost unbearable.

Jan 23, Stephanie rated it liked it. What characterizes the modern West is its success in masking its fascination with death with a fascination with the future, thus freeing its creative energies. Excluding women from the qibla, then, is excluding them from everything – from the sacred dimension of life, as from the nationalist dimension, which defines space as the field of Arab and Muslim ethnocentrism.


After independence, the state had to dramatize its rebirth. Recommended for academic libraries and others with women’s studies or Middle East collections. In year 8 of the Hejira AD the Prophet decided that it was time for him to undertake the conquest vsil Ta’if.

It is ever present in their minds to put them guard any tje there appears amollg them a tel1dency to blil1dly imitate jernissi natiollS by claiming political rights for women.

The Veil and the Male Elite

Her chapter about the hiqab is game changing. The Hanbali imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziya undertook a review of some of them in order to demonstrate a technique for detection of false traditions based on analysis of the content.

The elite faction is trying to convince. A glance at the latest Moroccan election statistics supports the “prediction” uttered in the grocery store. History tbe always vveil group’s language, the official narrative that is pressed between covers of gold and trotted out for ritual ceremonies of self- congratulation.

No trivia or quizzes yet. To ask other readers questions about The Veil and the Male Eliteplease sign up. This consisted of, on the one hand, controlling the interpretation of the Koran, the text revealed by God, and, on the other hand, establishing the Sunna tradition of the Prophet by putting into writing Hadith, everything that the Prophet said in order to illuminate the way of Islam. However, this is understandable from a passionate ideologist that believes in her cause, and that is driven to counter the male bias.

Abu Lu’lu’a, the assassin, was an ‘ajami slave of non- Arab origina Christian, and as such subject to the tax that foreigners had to pay. The Islam that the fundamentalists today lay claim to as the solution ghe economic problems and military defeats treasures the memory of this scarcely believable life of a young Meccan who declared himself a prophet at the age of 40 and, in 22 years of preaching interspersed with military expeditions, realized before his death the dreams that seemed impossible to his contemporaries: His will is law, and He has revealed it once and for all for everyone.

The Veil and the Male Elite: And they explained to him the tense situation that existed in their con1munity: These storytellers led the crowd through these subjects, carried along by imagination, knowing nothing of the limits imposed by scientific discipline and the rigor of authentication.


However, in his immediate entourage four men played a prominent role. However, Omar justifies this on her behalf by saying that in return of all of the effort she does to serve him she has the right to be overlooked when she screams some times.

In Defense of Abu Hurayra. The most astonishing thing is that the skepticism that guided the work of the founders of religious scholarship has disappeared today. One has to interrupt one’s prayer and begin again. It was while listening to him at a televised conference at the Rabat mosque, expounding his views on the initiative of the believer with regard to religious texts, that I felt the necessity for a new interpretation of those texts. Immediately after the announcement of the death of the Prophet, the Ansar called an urgent meeting of their principal clan chiefs in a saqifa a sort of shed belonging to one of their clans, the Banu Sa tida, in order to proceed to the selection from among themselves of a successor to Muhammad.

In order to end the sexual licentiousness and promiscuity that existed in pre-Islamic Arabia and in an effort to control paternity, Islam condemned all sexual relations outside marriage or ownership as zina, encouraging women and men to marry and labeling celibacy as the open door to temptations of all kinds.

They constitute, along with the Koran the book revealed by Godboth the source of law and the standard for distinguishing the true from the false, the permitted from the forbidden – they have shaped Muslim ethics and values.

And you [the reader] would be better off not knowing what happened afterward, at the battles of Nahrain and Siffin and all the other battles where we turned our arms against each other.

We measure everything in terms of time: You became displeased with his behavior, and you decided to declare war without consulting us. Khadija celebrated the event by converting to the new religion of her husband; she was Islam’s first adherent. We are all aware that some men continually try to use hadith to excuse their misogynistic behavior.

The problem for the Muslim states, after tlleir quasi-disappearance during the colonial period, was that they found themselves almost feminized – veiled, obliterated, nonexistent.