The Fletcher Pratt Naval Wargame was one of the most successful naval wargames of the 20th century. The straightforward rules, based on the innovation of. Murray Fletcher Pratt (25 April – 10 June ) was an American writer of science fiction, This was known as the “Fletcher Pratt Naval War Game” and it involved dozens of tiny wooden ships, built on a scale of one inch to 50 feet. The Hunt for the Fletcher Pratt Wargame outlines my search to find the WWII The Complete Rules for the Fletcher Pratt Naval War Game as used by the New.

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Robert Bob Cordery Saturday, February 20, 4: They can be seen in their new home in 8th Armoured Bri The random thoughts of an ancient wargamer.

The ref then comes around to tell each player if he hit their target but not what damage they have done and how much navl they have received with and hit they may have received. I think your review is pretty harsh and a bit unfair.

Fletcher Pratt

Wragame Barbary Pirates by C. Ncc, That is distinctly possible as I think that the picture may originally have come from an article LIFE magazine did about Fletcher Pratt’s wargames. John ran a session at COW where the rules were used, and the following photographs were taken during that session. Links to downloads Publications Miscellaneous.

Abandon Ship! A Review of ‘Fletcher Pratt’s Naval Wargame: Wargaming with Model Ships 1900-1945’

Our referee informs me that I landed two hits on Elliott but that dreaded dead eye Capt. Featuring rules, battle reports, and all sorts of miscellaneous wargaming and other topics. Has an evaluation of the Fletcher Pratt Rules against naval reality. A good deal of the blame might be attributed to the company printing this on demand but John has to take credit for the awfulness as well.


View my complete profile. This one dates from before WWII. Maps The Imagi-world of The only issue is that sometimes sellers get confused between 1: How long does it take to play a game of this size out of interest?

Much of the info regarding historical accuracy reads as sour grapes and seems more suited to a debate on ConSimWorld as opposed to something I would expect to find in a published work. The Barbary Pirates by C. The current editor of The Nugget carefully measures the range from one of the British cruisers that is firing at a group of Japanese destroyers.

Prufrock AaronIt is a great game system, but it does need more at least one player per side. Noted author and artist Jack Coggins was a frequent participant in Pratt’s Navy Game, and de Camp met him through his wargaming group.

Wargaming Miscellany: Simulating gunfire in naval wargames: Fred Jane and Fletcher Pratt

His guns are large enough so the shells have penetrated the armor where they hit. You have fletchrr an incorrect email address! The Nations The Imagi-world of Another day, another visit to the bookshop One of his books is dedicated “To Benny DeVoto, who taught me to write.

A variation I saw had a needle off center of a disc that fletchrr on the end of a stick with the disc mounted like a wheel on an axle. Stephen Briddon Saturday, February 20, 6: Another hit on a Japanese destroyer. Stephen Briddon, The fire tables were – in their time – at the forefront of technology.


Civil War Round Table. It managed to cause some blue-on-blue casualties as well as all other kinds of realistic mistakes. Please enter your comment! The Fletcher Pratt system in action. Please contact me via my website and I will sort something out for you. I like the idea of restricting the time players have to move, aim, and estimate Miller has dropped four shots into my vessel.

Again, according to de Camp’s memoir, when a fire gutted his apartment in the s he used the insurance money to study at the Sorbonne for a year. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The ref moves along and measures out the other ships in the battle and begins to calculate the hits and damage.

Fletcher Pratt’s Naval War Game | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Instead of standing on their heads to determine LOS and divine range, these participants would have found a laser pointer quite a useful tool. Adding a rotating head to a ‘striker’ sounds as if it would add a whole extra level of unnecessary complication! By the Second World Navall they were able to process all manner of data e. The end result of