GESTRA components for steam boiler equipment. The components from our SPECTORmodul series are now also available on the ePLAN Data Portal. Description. Thermostatic steam trap with corrosion- resistant membrane regulator (thermostatic capsule) unaffected by waterhammer. Integral Y-type strainer. GESTRA Steam Systems. MK MK Description. Thermostatic steam trap with membrane regulator. Corrosion-resistant thermostatic capsule unaffected.

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Hnh Pressure Independent Control Valves.

Click here for further information. Honeywell Kombi 4 Dhw Balancing Valves.

No accidents at work! Crane Flowseal Butterfly Valves. Victaulic Firelock Devices and Trim. Hattersley Hook Up Ii.

MK 45/46 – Gestra

Crane Prv and Tcv. Before I actually made the purchase, I made various queries regarding the product to ensure that it was the right one and Jeannette who dealt with my queries was very responsive, patience and helpful. Gestra Mk54 Thermodynamic Steam Trap Free Fall Fire Valves. Ballorex Venturi Commissioning Valves. Hattersley Press Fit General Valves.


Hc4 Valves and Spares. Cast Steel Stop Crown Valves.

Thermostatic steam traps MK 45/45A

Ballorex Dynamic Commissioning Valves. Proven flexibility now also for large nominal sizes. By using our services, you agree that we may use cookies. Sluice and Check Valves. Ibp General Service Bronze Valves.

Gestra Mk45/2 Steel Bsp Steam Trap 20 : Flowserve

Hattersley Non Project Valves. Crane Pressure Independent Control Valve. Worcester Flanged Ball Valves.

UNA 43, 46 — DN 80 to Thank you for a fast and reliable service, could not fault them at all. Conbraco Three Piece Ball Valves. Stainless Steel Check Valves. Industrial Valves geetra Actuators. Thanks Donald Adie Stepps Glasgow Crane Press Fit Ball Valves. Contact our international Partners right now, to ask for an experienced Survey Service — Just early enough to ensure your productivity is on a top level during all times season! So a first class service from mytub – well done.

I appreciated the personal touch when there was a query about the delivery of the items I had ordered. Crane Pressure Reducing Valves. Dominators and Hook Geatra With Picv.


Pegler Yorkshire Ballofix Valves. Great web site, not being a plumber the images to help with identification are very helpful many thanks Hattersley Dpcv Valves 65mm. Wasting money on the laundrette I finally arranged myself to collect the item from the local parts center.