The Project Gutenberg EBook of Gladiator, by Philip Wylie This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Stories of superheroes have evolved dramatically since the appearance of Superman in Action Comics #1 in Where many of the first, like.

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And ultimately, like many who have sought their own answers, he finds none, and is man enough to know it.

Gladiator: The Enduring Classic That Inspired the Creators of Superman!

The setting of the story was moved forward to the second half of the century, and the Vietnam War replaced World War I, but the story remained largely intact. Feb 07, Dan Schwent rated it really liked it Shelves: I in turn recomended it to my friends who all loved it.

But the actual character doesn’t remind me much of Superman, and the story goes that Siegel and Schuster didn’t know about the book, and I am apt to believe it. But Wylie, an editor with the New Yorker, sought to develop more than a pulp hero. In both cases the intent of the experiment was to produce stronger human beings. But Danner is no altruist.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In fact, the chapters phjlip so independent of one another that I wondered if the book has originally been written as a magazine serial it was not. Alone, Hugo rips open the vault door, freeing the man. The writing is what you’d expect from a pulp book. Preview — Gladiator by Philip Wylie. The scientist injects his pregnant wife with the serum and his son Hugo Philkp is born with superhuman strengthspeed, and bulletproof skin.


He considers both a life of crime and a life of heroism, and chooses, or stumbles into, something decidedly in-between.

No, it wouldn’t get phi,ip stars were it not for it’s having been written almost eighty years ago and how well it has stood the test of time. Hugo is incredibly strong and because of that strength he feels he should be able to do great things. Stories of superheroes have evolved dramatically since the appearance of Superman in Action Comics 1 in Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Oct 04, dathomira added it.

In fact it seems very cliche some eight decades later, as originators often do in hindsight. Shortly after Superman did his first leap, a comedy movie loosely based on Gladiator was released. Feb 21, Paul Riches rated it liked it.

Gladiator by Philip Wylie

Before Superman there was John Carter of Mars and Tarzan, heroes who leapt from the imagination of Edgar Rice Burroughs and then leapt from treetop to treetop and across wylif wilds of Barsoom.

Hugo never seems to find himself, and feels he’s cursed to live apart from humanity, who fear and hate him for his unusual abilities.

I mainly picked up the book out of archeological interest, wanting to determine for myself any linkages between what I figured would be an antiquated, gladator year-old relic of the pulp era and the subsequent development of the super-hero in comics and films. Pilip the young Clark Kent learned that he could hurdle skyscrapers and leap an eighth of a mile, so the young Hugo learns that he can run and jump as no human ever could.

Views Read Edit View history. Indeed, when the story was adapted for comics in by Roy Thomas and Earl Norem, it was published by Marvel in their adult-oriented black-and-white magazine Marvel Preview.


Hugo feels compelled to conceal his gifts from a suspicious and uncomprehending world, but he doesn’t take on an identity as a costumed crusader. They have taught generations of readers important lessons about power and responsibility.

Then I began to speculate about his future and it seemed to me that a human being thus equipped would be foredoomed to vulgar fame or to a life of fruitless destruction. May 24, at 9: He tests a solution he creates on tadpoles, and a kitten, before finally drugging his pregnant wife, Matilda, and injecting it into her abdomen.

As I read the novel, I was forced to keep reminding myself that Gladiator preceded the comicbook superhero. You can see what would happen if gladistor did? Born in Beverly, Massachusetts, he was the son of Presbyterian minister Edmund Melville Wylie and the former Edna Edwards, a novelist, who died when Philip was five years old.

Philip Wylie’s Gladiator () | Skulls in the Stars

Even before his teen years, Hugo shows advanced strength, speed, invulnerability, and incredible leaping. That’s a good thing. Gladiator can be read online for free at archive. Even with the writing flaws, and slightly episodic nature of the book, the cultural impact Gladiator enjoys amoungst hardcore Geeks is huge. Many more adventures follow, with our hero hopscotching from place to pnilip, job to job, gpadiator to girl, you get the idea. One fictional hero whose murky inspirations, while populated with the likes of Hercules and Mercury, does have a very stable definitive father figure.