Thank you everyone who joined us for our webinar about Groovy scripting in SoapUI. Click here to download the example project files we used in the Webinar . Use this test step to execute Groovy or JavaScript code from your tests. You can only debug scripts in the SoapUI Groovy Script test step. You can only debug . All SoapUI Pro support resources in one place. Easy access to product documentation.

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For example the following script randomly selects the next test step:.

Step 3 — Writing Executable Groovy Step Executable step will consist of a loop which will run till the end of the Input Excel and perform the data validation for each Customer Identification Number. The excel can be utilized to execute different types of test cases using various type of test data. OracleDriver Later form a connection string as: From a tutorisl case, test suite or a project.

The default scripting language is Groovy. To start debugging, click.

Search Search developerWorks Recipes Search. You can modify, add, remove and change custom properties load values of custom properties from a file, or save them to a file. This groocy contains the following properties that provide access to the test step data: Here is the sample code that will remove the assertion created in the example above.


All the validation rules and the response fields changes with every request, which makes it difficult soapuui build a script which can be used to test all the requests. For binary package installations only: Modifying to test step assertions during the test run.

SOAP UI Groovy Automation Framework To Test API Field Data Validation

You can run any test step in the current test case. To enable Groovy debugging in soapuk binary installation:. There are two ways to fail the test run from your scripts: The excel will have all the required input parameters which are needed to run the request.

Use this test step to execute Groovy or JavaScript code from your tests. Windows Linux Open the vmoptions file.

Applies to ReadyAPI 2. Returns the result of the script execution. This executes the entire test in debug mode. Complex validation of messages that is not possible with default assertion mechanisms. A generalized groovy framework will be built which can be used to perform data validation of any given request with minimal code changes. Uncomment the following section: For more information on community content, please refer to tytorial Terms of Use.


Otherwise, it will continue. This marks the test failed and stops the test run regardless of the Abort test if an error occurs option. Use the addAssertion method to create an assertion. If there are numerous data fields in response which are coming from multiple tables based on various conditions it becomes very difficult to verify each field manually without human errors.

SOAP UI Groovy Automation Framework To Test API Field Data Validation – developerWorks Recipes

Framework Run To run the framework, input excel will be filled with the test data. To invoke it, in the editor, type the object name and a period for instance, testRunner.

To set a breakpoint: The test will not continue until you close the dialog. Use the getPropertyValue method to get a property object. ReadyAPI opens the Groovy script editor and enables the following commands:.

A breakpoint is a location in your script where you want the script or test scri;t pause during the execution. In such case excel will scropt Customer Identification number as Input.