He recently gained a promotion at a Big Four firm in India to senior consultant and boasts something few applicants have: An award from the. Get Sandy Kriesberg’s advice to make handicapping your odds of to gain an MBA experience at one of the very best business schools in the. HBSGuru Sandy Kreisberg assesses the chances of an MBA applicants who works for Deloitte Consulting & wants to go to Harvard, Wharton.

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Indian Tech Product Manager by: Do they have the raw stats and experience to get in? Your GMAT is a plus. Just because of the powerful stats, with a equivalent,a perfect quant score, and the patents, I think you would be a walk-in at Kellogg, Tuck and Ross as long as you can convince them you want to go. You are going someplace good. Some of the people at Shell are not used to writing recommendations for top business schools so you may yojr to let them know that a low pass is saying you are the most oddw guy they have seen in the past 20 years.

You got a 4. Indian Tech Product Manager. Great way to put it.


Indian Dec 30, Read Article. Like every school they will love your story. From the Archives View More. Was not prepared for the engineering curriculum.

John Dec 31, Read Article. Yale will do the same analysis, and to the extent that Yale has become one of the most GMAT concerned schools of the CE, they will chuckle over the fact that in your case, it is actually a GRE score, soooooooo, they do not have to report that in the all-important GMAT column. Wharton would love you and so would your other target schools.

Handicapping Your Elite MBA Odds: Ms. Agri-Chemical Compliance

He recently gained a handicappng at a Big Four firm in India to senior consultant and boasts something few applicants have: What he has in his favor is an adversity story. Study for those standardized tests, whichever one you can do best on. The piece of advice is if it is no difference to you, take the GMAT.

Indian Dec 30, Read Article. And she wants an MBA degree to move into a strategic leadership role in the high tech space.

Handicapping Your Elite MBA Odds

You are a very strong candidate at INSEAD, given your international work experience and everything else about your application. For one thing, they got a huge class, so any reputational hit, small to begin with, will be even smaller.


Byrne on October 29, 23 Comments 7, Views.

Login or sign up to continue to the full article. Guess The School I. This year-old former brand manager now works as a digital marketing strategist for a major financial services firm in the Washington, D. I think you should get into Harvard, but a serious question for you is why do you need an MBA when you already have what many would consider a post-MBA job?

You also are competing odxs people who also have GMATs and may have a cleaner work history. Indian Dec 30, Read Article. Log in to stop seeing this registration popup. So just post it in the comment section below. Even seasoned admission officers frequently have to think about GRE scores. Or will they get dinged by their dream schools?

Not sure I fully understand your technical role, but neither will most adcoms, and you can explain it more in other parts of the application.