Helmut Pottmann of TU Wien, Vienna (TU Wien) with expertise in: Applied Mathematics, Geometry and Topology and Computer Graphics. Read List of computer science publications by Helmut Pottmann. Outstanding Technical Contributions Award – Helmut Pottmann. Helmut Pottmann joined the Technical University of Vienna in as assistant professor.

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SpringerISBNpp. Natasha GelfandNiloy J. He is able to find original solutions to problems in geometry processing which often are more elegant than heuristic approaches that have been applied before.

Computer Aided Geometric Design hlemut Computer Aided Geometric Design 6 4: Computer-Aided Design 31 1: Computer Aided Geometric Design 11 6: Principal curvatures from the integral invariant viewpoint.

His research work combines mathematical depth and elegance, effective algorithmic solutions, and high practical relevance.

Computer Aided Geometric Design 15 2: The focal geometry of circular and conical meshes. Geometric design of motions constrained by a contacting surface pair.


Mathieu DesbrunHelmut Pottmann: Interpolation on surfaces using minimum norm networks. Collision-free 3-axis milling and selection of cutting tools. Visualizing functions on a surface.

Dr. Helmut Pottmann, Director of Geometric Modeling and Sc… | Flickr

Automatic fitting of conical envelopes to free-form surfaces for flank CNC machining. Computer Aided Geometric Design 7 Computer Aided Geometric Design 9 1: Computer Aided Geometric Design 24 Discrete affine minimal surfaces. Johannes WallnerHelmut Pottmann: Steering of form – New integrative approaches to architectural design and modeling.

On Approximation in Spaces of Geometric Objects. Geometric Contribution to 3-axis Milling of Sculptured Surfaces. His authorship is always a sign of significant scientific personal contribution in the project. GuibasJohannes Wallner: Variational and PDE level set methods.

Outstanding Technical Contributions Award – Helmut Pottmann – Eurographics

Helmut PottmannThomas Randrup: Graphical Models and Portmann Processing 61 opttmann Computer Aided Geometric Design 13 7: After visiting the Universities of Purdue and Kaiserslautern from tohe became Associate professor in Mathematics in Hamburg and then full Professor in Vienna since Geometric modeling with conical meshes and developable surfaces. Form-finding with polyhedral meshes made simple.


Integral invariants for robust geometry processing. Computer Aided Geometric Design 30 5: Computer Aided Geometric Design 19 1: Computer Aided Geometric Design 14 3: Darboux cyclides and webs from circles.

Outstanding Technical Contributions Award 2018 – Helmut Pottmann

Computer Aided Geometric Design Helmut PottmannKarsten Opitz: SmithRida T. Helmut PottmannGerald E. Fitting B-spline curves to point clouds by curvature-based squared distance minimization. Pipe surfaces with rational spine curve are rational. Martin BertramJames C. Computer Aided Geometric Design 26 4: International Journal of Computer Vision 67 3: Smooth surfaces from bilinear patches: Freeform Architecture and Discrete Differential Geometry.

Helmut Pottmann

The geometry of Tchebycheffian splines. Special issue on geometric modeling and processing. Helmut PottmannJohannes Wallner: