Visit ‘s Henry Bayman Page and shop for all Henry Bayman Books by Henry Bayman See search results for author “Henry Bayman” in Books. Interview with Henry Bayman, in conversation with Stephen Hirtenstein 25 September 1. How did you first meet Ahmet Kayhan? I first met Master Ahmet. Henry Bayman is an independent scholar living in Turkey who spent twenty-five years studying with the Masters of Wisdom of Central Anatolia. His interest in Ibn .

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Once I, too, began visiting Master Kayhan regularly, it dawned on me that he was taking an approach to Sufism that was different from anything I had encountered until then.

If you have drunk it, too, you will immediately know what I am talking about. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. The Mystery of Effendi If one spent sufficient time with the Master, one might have come to the conclusion that he possessed a closely-guarded secret.

As a result of this situation, I found myself on the horns of an excruciating dilemma. What is the reason? Or were they themselves radical by origin? Basic HTML is allowed. The Formative Period ]. The departure of the Master left us all with a feeling, a tremendous sense of loss.

As the Prophet said, ignorance is the root of all evil. He is the author of four published books on Sufism and Islam: It might be surmised that some activity, some energetic effort, was expected of them during such periods.


Later, as they became better acquainted, they would begin to understand something of Effendi. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: God exists, and God is One. Sufism, the esoteric or spiritual aspect of the religion, was the first to go, in an effort towards modernization.

According to him, Sufism had to be based on the Divine Law.

Henry Bayman – Wikipedia

For this, one needs lots of time and lots of patience. Theirs was more a secular kingdom than a caliphate. He would keep at it until the listener had understood, and once he saw he had communicated his message successfully, he would say no more about it. Even this might not be necessary, as the baraka spiritual action or power of the Master could work even in total silence. Every human being is born as an incredible gift, as a stupendous potential. We would return to our dark world with feelings of great peace, as if bathed inside and outside in fountains of light.

It’s my most important book. Though most people fail to realize it, the caliphate itself is a political institution, not a religious one. As we carried his coffin, it was raised so high that I had to stand on my toes, and even then my fingertips could only barely touch it.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Ahmed on November 6, at For now, however, I have confined myself to the following excerpts.

I filled about two dozen notepads during our time together. Only time will tell how successful we will be. That gives you some further clues. The uniqueness of his discourse obliged me to make all humanity, or at least as many people as possible, aware of it. North Atlantic Books By the word Islam, many people understand a host of other things besides Islamic spirituality.


Yet on the other hand, he was so tired and ill that I did not want him to waste one breath, one word, to a single person.

Sufism: An Interview with Henry Bayman

For they are not ours, but on loan from God. How shall I begin to tell the story of a hebry who literally defies description? This is precisely what has happened.

Abdul Karim – – Sharid Printing Service. Having rushed in where angels fear to tread, I find myself saddled with bxyman thankless job of describing him to a world scarcely equipped with the tools necessary for an adequate comprehension of such a person. The slightest arrogance, and God will strip from us the qualities He had invested us with. I’ve found that once the mind decides what it’s written is correct, it won’t notice an error even if it goes over a text many times. The bayyman of these words is clear.

He had the knack to explain the most complicated things in the simplest terms. Maybe Sufi saints, as you regularly quote Master Kayhan?