El Cordón Dorado, Hitlerismo Esotérico. “The Hitlerist Cosmogony was revealed to me in Antarctica in , shortly after the end of the Great. Hitlerismo Esoterico – Miguel Serrano – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Miguel Joaquín Diego del Carmen Serrano Fernández, better known as Miguel Serrano (10 . He also produced a trio of books that came to be known as his ” Hitler Trilogy”: El Cordón Dorado: Hitlerismo Esotérico (), Adolf Hitler, el Ultimo.

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I have never been able to love anyone like that again.

Johannes Rogovo rated it it was amazing Aug 04, We no longer have this science today. They had the power to move and levitate heavy objects and they could cure people.

I read the abridged edition of this book The Golden Cord: Scott Thornton rated it liked it Jul 23, When we talk of preserving esterico blood heritage, it is not just a biological blood that esoterio through our veins, but an astral light, ancient memories in our chromosomes of our extraterrestrial forefathers, the great memory. The Druids are not Celts.

Serrano also developed an interest in forms of religious or spiritual practice, including both Western esotericism and Hinduism. Ekel Adolf rated it really liked it Mar 02, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

It is here we remember the esotericp of the celestial City of the four masters with its entrance of 12 revolving black crosses the Black Sun.

Miguel Serrano – Wikipedia

The New Age, Santiago de Chile, The Visits of the Queen of Shebawhich had a preface by Jung, and The Serpent of Paradisewhich discussed his experiences in the country. The divine nobility of the Visigoths was transmitted by the blood of Extraterrestrials, which currently flow in our physical as well as our Astral veins When someone once wrote: This was reflected in outward catastrophes and the North and South Poles reversed positions as a result of the fall of a comet or moon.


This is the key to create a magnetic circle, the contact point between the visible world and the invisible world, between the material world and the Astral plane, between two worlds of vibration. Pablo rated it did not like it Nov 02, You will not be able to visit them without their permission.

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El Cordón Dorado: Hitlerismo Esotérico

In she died. The spirit guides work incessantly both in the astral earth and on the physical earth to fulfill their missions knowing that we are suffering from this age of involution. Editorial Kier; London, Boston: The civilizations inside the Earth are superior to the inhabitants on the surface of the Earth. Bit by bit I have been realising my oeuvre, as if guided by someone.

.: Hitlerismo Esotérico (Don Miguel Serrano)

No matter what happens it will be catastrophic. This is the memory we have with our own God. One has to be very careful that he is communicating with divine spirits and not semi-divine spirits. Goodreads helps you keep track of esoteeico you want to hktlerismo.

As ambassador to India, It is said that John Dee could communicate with Extraterrestrials from Hyperborea, beings from inside the Earth, and beings from Venus, the Morning Star.

It includes interesting analyzes and explanations based on the deep and extensive knowledge of Hinduism by Miguel Serrano about the characters Demian and Siddharta of Hesse, as well as about Jung’s Self. Ulv rated it liked it Sep 20, In he meets Irene Klatt Getta in Santiago, who played a fundamental role in his life and to whom he dedicates a large part of his work. The proof of what I am saying lies in the fact that the Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt was destroyed and along with it the history of extraterrestrials and prior civilizations to Egypt.


Me parece que no he envejecido; sin embargo, pudiera ser que haya envejecido. The people we meet seem familiar, as though we have met them before, and we have, over and over, in life after life. When people dance at these holy points it creates magnetic vibrations and magic becomes possible.

The event that has given title to this work appears here related: No trivia or quizzes yet. Hitlerisno and Hermann Hesse: After visiting Antarctica, Serrano travelled to Germany and then Switzerland, where he met the novelist Herman Hesse and psychoanalyst Carl Jung ; in he published a reminiscence of his time esoterici the pair.

New Delhi, English.

Porque yo soy uno de esos hitlerjsmo hablaban con los Dioses…”. Selections, prologue, and notes by Serrano. The entrance is there, but it is impossible to see or recognize.

Archived from the original on January 19, Wikimedia Commons has media related to Miguel Serrano. Many times we have premonitions of the future because in our memories we have lived these scenes over and over.

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