View and Download IBM ThinkPad X setup manual online. IBM ThinkPad X: Install Guide. ThinkPad X Laptop pdf manual download. Contents ThinkPad X / i Series Hardware Maintenance Manual 1 Introduction 2 Important Service Information 2 How to Use Error Messages 3 How to. IBM. Part Number: 08K ThinkPad X Quick. Reference and Service IBM Service Website: Note: To see the Online User’s Guide, click Start.

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Safety Inspection Guide The intent of this inspection guide is to assist you in identi- fying potentially unsafe conditions on these products. Akkus enthalten geringe Mengen von Nickel. Nao olhe fixo no feixe de luz, nao olhe thlnkpad por meio de instrumentos oticos e evite exposicao direta com o feixe de luz.

L’impiego di una batteria non adatta potrebbe determinare I’incendio o I’esplosione della batteria stessa. How to Disable the Password There are three passwords used at a typical customer site: This guide addresses only those items.

thinkpaf Do not enter hibernation mode or power off the computer when this indi- cator is on. Remove the power latch.

Use a flat-bladed screwdriver to remove the screw on the modem door. Gently lift the speaker away from the display panel. Disconnect the fan cable from the connector. Lift the LCD away from the display panel.

Events that cause the computer to enter suspend mode: Remove the screw securing the IMM lower heatsink. For IBM devices not supported by diagnostic codes in this ThinkPad computer, thinkppad the manual for that device. Laser radiation when open. Las baterias contienen pequehas cantidades de niquel.

  FLUKE 717 500G PDF

Disconnect the AC Adapter and install the charged battery; then check that power is supplied by the battery. Use only the battery in the appropriate parts listing when replacing the battery pack. Name and phone number of servicer 2. Intel Intel Corporation Mylar E. Proper grounding of the electrical outlet can be verified by a certified electrician. Press both sides at the same time. Turn the notebook over.

Before replacing the adapter or device, remove the FRUs, one by one, to see if the symp- toms change. The following list provides some common items thinkpar are not covered under warranty and some symptoms that may indicate that the system was subjected to stresses beyond normal use: Check that the power-supply cover fasteners screws or rivets have not been removed or tampered with. Use extreme care when measuring high voltages.


Dispose of the battery as required by local ordinances or regulations. Carefully remove the VR board from the display panel. Reseat the Diskette Drive. The following events cause the computer to resume opera- tion from suspend mode: System board Allocation Error for: Remove the two screws securing the keyboard.

Lift the fan up to remove. Mettez la pile au rebut conformement a la reglementation en vigueur.

Lenovo ThinkPad 390X Manuals

Verificare cio scuotendo I’elaboratore e prestando attenzione ad eventuali rumori; eventuali parti o pezzetti metallici possono provocare cortocircuiti pericolosi.


Utilice solo baterias que se encuentren en la lista de piezas al sustituir la bateria. Evitare di ricaricarla, smontarne il connettore polarizzato, smontarla, riscaldarla ad una temperatura superiore ai gradi centigradi, incendiarla o gettarla in acqua. La batterie contient du nickel.

Verify this by shaking the computer and lis- tening for rattling sounds. Des pieces metalliques ou des copeaux de metal pourraient causer un court-circuit. Also, if boot manager is installed, the computer cannot enter hibernation 390.

IBM ThinkPad 390X Setup Manual

If more than one error code is displayed, begin the diagnosis with the first error code. Keyboard if control is from the keyboard 3. Prima di accendere I’elaboratore dopo che e stata effettuata la sostituzione di una FRU, accertarsi che tutte le viti, le molle e tutte le altri parti di piccole dimensioni siano nella corretta posizione e non siano sparse aH’intemo dell’elaboratore.

Reseat the LED board. A KB diskette written to or formatted on a 1. The serial number label is attached to the computer. Gently pull out the cable from the connector to remove the modem card.

Afin d’eviter tout risque de choc electrique, ne retirez pas le cache en plastique protegeant la partie inferieure de la carte d’alimentation.