View Ibnu Tufail Research Papers on for free. Ibn Tufayl or Ibn Tufail (c – ), full name: Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Abd al-Malik ibn Muhammad ibn Tufail al-Qaisi al-Andalusi أبو. Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Tufail (also known by a Latinized version of his name, Abubacer Aben Tofail, –85 AD) was an Andalusian.

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A Spanish writer, Gracian Baltasar’s indebtedness to Ibn Tufail occupied the world’s attention during the first four decades of the present century.

Chapter Ibn Tufail | A History of Muslim Philosophy Volume 1, Book 3 |

Religion is for the masses: The methods of al-Ghazali and Ibn Tufail are both partially the same, but, unlike the former, the latter’s ecstasy is marked by a Neo-Platonic strain. He was succeeded by Abu Ya’qub Yusuf d.

The treatise dramatically opens with the spontaneous birth of Hayy in an uninhabitated island, followed by a popular legend about his being thrown to this desolate place by the sister of a certain king, in order to keep her marriage with Yaqzan a secret. Philosophy is an exclusive affair of the individual; it presupposes a certain temperament and aptitude for enlightenment.

See also Renaissance philosophy. Ibn Tufail was an illustrious physician, philosopher, mathematician, and poet of the Muwahhid Spain, but unfortunately very ibu is known about his works. The title is taken from the name of the main character, Hayy Fufail Yaqzan.

Nevertheless, in spite of his recognition of the necessity of solitude for the improvement of theoretical reason, Ibn Tufail feels rather unhappy over Ibn Bajjah’s one-sided emphasis on the role of reason in arriving at the ultimate truth. Originally written as a philosophical work, Ibn Tufayl’s Hayy ibn Yaqzan incorporates in its story many elements that could be regarded as elements of the civilizational process in modern times.

The book tells the story of Hayy Ibn Yaqzan, a child who grows up in total isolation from humans. Consequently, Ibn Tufail accepts neither the eternity nor temporal creation of the world. When he encountered Hayy he was frightened, until Hayy made it lbnu that he intended no harm. On the express desire of the Caliph, he advised Ibn Bajjah to annotate the works of Aristotle, a task that had been taken up zealously by Ibn Bajjah but had remained unfinished to the time of his death.

All these are the reflections obnu the light of the sun, and yet they are neither the sun, nor the looking-glasses, nor tufsil different from both. This leads him to assume a specific form or soul for each class of objects. In order to conduct these analyses, the elements found in the story will be contrasted and perceived through the concepts of civilization found in the works of Ibn Khaldun and Arnold J. Noticing that every bodily organ has a proper function and that the left cavity of tufsil heart was empty, he concluded that the source of life must have been in this cavity, and must have abandoned it.


Absal then taught Hayy human language by pointing to objects while uttering the corresponding words. Philosophers were of the utfail that he was born spontaneously when the mixture of elements reached an equilibrium state, making it possible for this mixture to receive a human soul from the divine world.

The Philosophy of ibn Tufail and His Treatise the Self-Taught Philosopher

At this point, a man named Absal, who deeply understands tufali truths through symbols and rituals, comes to the island in search of solitude. Credits New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards.

ConradThe World of Ibn Tufayl: Lenn Evan Goodman ed. Our section of HUMN will focus on texts that try to locate the meaning of human life somewhere between the ideal heights of divine existence and the brute reality of animal experience. No human sight, hearing or speech could grasp this state, as it lies beyond the world of nature and sense experience. Desiring to keep her marriage to her relative, Yaqzan, secret from her brother, she puts the baby carefully into a box and throws it into the sea, which carries him to an uninhabited island.

Was it due to something that happened to Him? She grew up into a beautiful damsel; later, Alexander the Great chanced to meet her in the island of Oreon. Though the scholarly elite was interested in philosophy, they pursued it in secrecy. History of “Ibn Tufayl” Note: Recognized as the first philosophical story, Hay Ibn Yaqzan depicts the whole philosophy of Ibn Tufail by the story of an autodidactic feral child a gazelle raised whom in an island in the Indian Ocean.

Gazing on the dead gazelle, Hayy begins to question the nature and origin of life. Needless to say, the mental equipment tfuail Ibn Tufail is largely provided by the official religion of the Muwahhids, and his Hayy Bin Yaqzan is but a defence of the attitude of the Muwahhids both towards people and philosophers.

The Philosophy of ibn Tufail and His Treatise the Self-Taught Philosopher – World Digital Library

The same is true of tufaol primal light and its manifestation in the cosmos. Despite differences, they have After breastfeeding Hayy well, she put him in a box and threw it into the waters, which took him to the uninhabited island.


The state of ecstasy is ineffable and indescribable, for the scope of words tyfail restricted to what can be seen, heard, or conceived. Similarly, the names of Salaman and Asal, the other two characters of Ibn Tufail’s romance, are not new in the philosophical literature. On the island, the baby is discovered by a gazelle, who nurtures him until her death seven years later. Secondly, inspired by Ibn Tumart, they stood for the strict observance of the exoteric aspect of religion. Al-Ghazali was dogmatically critical of Aristotelian rationalism, but Ibn Bajjah was Aristotelian through and through.

Imitation of the necessary being for the sake of this being involved no attention to the self and hence provided him with pure vision. Hayy goes to a ibnj island to try to speak to the people about the truth, but finds that they are unable to understand direct truth and that they tuail their religion in order to maintain social stability.

If so, the originality of the work would seem to lie only in its form. While he could not decipher the nature of this vital thing, he observed that the shape of all deer was similar to that of his mother. It seeks to interpret the material symbols of religion in terms of pure concepts and images culminating in a state where the divine essence and its knowledge become one.

As a philosopher and novelist, he is ignu famous for writing the first philosophical novelHayy ibn Yaqdhan. The manifestation of the existing plurality from unity is explained in the monotonous Neo-Platonic fashion, as successive stages of emanation proceeding from the divine light. He belonged to the prominent Arab tribe of Qais. Unlike his predecessors, he does not subscribe to any of the rival doctrines, nor does he make any attempt to reconcile them.

It abounds in similitudes, metaphors, and anthropomorphic notions, so that they might better accord with the people’s understanding, fill their souls with desire, and attract tyfail to virtue and morality.