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– Petrobras – Julho

Geotermalni potencial in tra jnostna raba krake podtalnice na urbanih obmojih primer Beograda, glavnega mesta Srbije Veanje potreb po energiji zaradi iritev urbanih okolij in migracij v mesta ima negativen vpliv na okolje in mestne proraune. I must say that I was not automatically accepted, but had to pass typing test.

Moreover, a link between the detected environmental changes and the archaeological phases evidenced in the sedimentary record is provided. It represents a belt of Middle and Upper Devonian limestones, 3 km wide and 25 km long correspond ing to 94 km 2 area. Bulk sampling was performed continuously throughout boxes 2 2 1.

Sample SNo7 of uvial ne-grained orange sand was taken here.

Besides karst what attracts you as well? I would still like to visit Magellan Strait and Tierra del Fuego to see the karst in marbles. Implications for speleothem deposition in dynamically ventilated caves.

You are also known as a good expert in regional karstology. In England there was Peter Bull, who made thorough stud ies on uvial transport in karst. He asked students and I applied.

One of these extents vertically and continues for several meters. How ever, soil permeability aects the output uxes, which is important for establishing steady states.

It was not a yearly publication, but only when there were enough papers. In the area of the MeBreda spring we studied a cave in Wadi Shehah that opened during a recent slide of the slope. A record of lateglacial ooding and paleolithic settlement in the Pindus Mountains, Northwest Greece. Razvojni narti mest bolj pogosto temeljijo na uvajanju ukrepov za varevanje z energijo, ki med drugim vkljuujejo tudi rabo obnovljivih virov energije.


Z raziskavami magnetnih lastnosti mineralov smo doloali iz vor sedimentov in znailnosti paleookolja. From Meander Cave sample SNo6 was taken from the brown sediment prole at the end of the cave.

As a rule, the lower sections of their circumferences are more or less horizontal while the upper parts are semi-circular or narrow towards the top Fig. How did you see the journals mission then? Stratigraphic columns of the archaeological sections Th2, Th4 and Th7.

Ceiling pockets are found on the ceilings of niches that devel oped at the contacts of passages and at their sharp bends in areas of emphasized swirling of water. Partial pressures of CO 2 in epikarstic zone deduced from hydrogeochemistry of permanent drips, the Moravian Karst, Czech Republic.

Most caves end with solid walls with no leads continuing into the massif. Unlike in other rocks, limestones exhibit a set of typical landforms that are shaped at or close to sea level, such as notches and caves, and morphologies related to biocorrosion e. Zaradi gorske pae je v vodi precej nitratov, vendar presenetljivo malo ce lokupnih bakterij. To understand the dependence better, a conceptual model was created taking into account the concentration gradients and mass uxes.

Cross plots for the main hydrochemical and hydrologi cal parameters of the drip water from the V elika P asica Cave Slovenia: Water Resources Research, 39, 3, M ineral identication in bulk samples. Electrical conductivity EC and the pH of the samples were measured imme diately aer transportation to the laboratory by a Multi i instrument with accuracy. Other passage, leading from where the entrance chamber ends, up to another chamber with several blind sub vertical channels.

I now handed over my relatively small collec tion to my son and I help him replenishing it. Phasellus ornare in augue eu imperdiet. Simulation of the development of karst aquifers using a coupled continuum pipe ow model. Soil respiration and the global carbon cycle.


Mangin, organized a thorough trip across French karst for prof. Un der using the same monitoring methods, Faimon and Libinsk and Faimon et al. Nowadays, due to the increasing energy needs strategic plans of town development are based on the use of renewable energy sources, and the evaluation of the geothermal potentiality of the terrain becomes part of planning documents in the development of detailed urban plans.

At site VP1, the ceiling depth is approximately 8 m.

In contrast, the lowest con centrations were found in the drill-holes with the biggest diameter between and ppmv. Water taken directly from the orice of karst spring in Wadi Al Bih had the lowest bacterial counts in all three bacterial in dicator groups total bacteria, coliform bacteria, E.

Scallops are rare or non-existent. Pre liminary study on the mineral magnetic properties of sediments from the Kulna Cave.

In rfb 971 pdf

Hydro chemical variations of epikarst springs in verti cal climate zones: It is observed by analyzing hydrogeological phe nomena and facilities in the territory of Belgrade instrho the survey of hydrogeological zones, that the groundwa ter temperature ranges from 11 C to 30 C. Some are fully and some partially lled with yellow clastic sediments.

Jebel Hat, A Natural His tory. During this time, there were two most probably sources for water replen ishment to the drip water: Some of the studies caves were fully and some partially lled with yellow clastic sedi ments.

Also for Acta Carsologica printing we had high depths.