iozone benchmark doc. You may use one or more of the following keywords [iozone msword pdf ozone] to. IOzone. IOzone is a file system benchmark utility. Originally made by William Norcott, SCO OpenServer, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows (95/98/Me/NT/2K/XP). I wrote this book using Microsoft Word 98 for the Macintosh. Hence, the screen shots, menus, etc. might look a little different if you are using a different version or .

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One might consider using it before your company purchases its next platform. The dropoff for files greater than 8MB is very interesting since this machine has 16 GB of memory and an 8GB buffer cache. This option allows both types of applications to be simulated. Another example is when the filesystem is mounted from a remote machine. Once this mapping is in place then stores to this location in memory will result in the data being stored going to a file. Byte offset, size of transfer, compute delay in milliseconds.

You will need to select this when graphing as the default in Mssword is row oriented data. One may also specify -q k size in Kbytes or -q m size in Mbytes or -q g size in Gbytes. The normal output for Iozone as well as the Excel portion are in the same output stream. When the -Q option is used Iozone will generate four. This option should be used in conjunction with the -u option.


Future processes or threads will be placed on the next processor. When importing the file be sure to tell Excel to import with “delimited” and then ilzone next, then click 988 the “space delimited” button. Also note that the processor cache effects can be seen for file sizes of 16 Kbytes to 1Mbyte. Excel graphs empty cells as containing a zero.

When running throughput tests this option allows the user to specify the greatest number of processes or threads to start.

This test measures the performance of writing a file with accesses being made to random locations 9 the file. If the system would have been characterized before it was purchased it would never have made it into the building. This may be redirected to a file and then processed with Excel.


As time rolls on the system administrator may decide that a few more office automation tasks could be shifted to this machine. Such as the point where UFS will allocate its first indirect block. Options targeted mswlrd testing over NFS.

Iozone will generate an Excel compatible report to standard out.

What is “iozone”

After that the rest should be straight forward. File size fits in processor cache. This test measures the performance of reading a file with a strided access behavior.

File size fits mswofd buffer cache Mswword size is bigger than buffer cache. If one used the —A option then the area that was not tested would have been tested and had real values.


Iozone —a If you wish to generate graphs then you may wish to turn on Excel mode.

Excel importable output for graph generation. Produces output that covers all tested file operations for record sizes of 4k iozpne 16M for file sizes of 64k to M. The latency versus offset information is useful for seeing if there are any particular offsets in a file that have high latencies.

This test measures the performance of writing and re-writing a particular spot within a file. This tells the operating system that all the data in the mmap space needs to be written to disk synchronously.

If the size of the spot is bigger than the CPU data cache but still fits in the TLB then one gets a different level of performance. This guarantees that the buffer cache does not contain any of the file under test. This test is only available in throughput mode.

This is useful only if you suspect that close is broken in the operating system currently under test. These files can be imported into Excel and then graphed. Leave them present in the filesystem. Not all platforms scale so well.