Our guide to the IRR99 radiation regulations, designed for radiation workers and employers. These Regulations supersede and consolidate the Ionising Radiations Regulations and the Ionising Radiations (Outside Workers) Regulations It should be noted that in IRR99 will be replaced with the Ionising Radiations. Regulations and this document and other ONR guidance will be.

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In circumstances where a person could receive an overexposure in a period of minutes or less, ir9r9 System of Work may be more complex and require the issue of a Permit to Work, which specifies the tasks to be performed for the job and the level of supervision required. Dosimetry for accidents etc.

Without prejudice to paragraph 9, the limit on equivalent dose Dose limitation for overexposed employees. Original As Enacted or Made: How will this affect the nuclear sector? The examination may be carried out during erection or installation, commissioning, or trials prior to use and will normally require co-operation between employers.

A copy of this follow-up investigation report and dose assessment must be provided to all those listed above. Controlled Area Decision Tree. Estimated doses and special entries. Equipment used for medical exposure Reg Reg 27 2 Prevention of leakage from a container holding radioactive material. Extension outside Great Britain.

Modifications relating to the Ministry of Defence etc Reg Foremost in any work with radiation the employer should take action to control doses by engineered igr99. You can visit our cookie privacy page for more information. Radiation protection adviser Such controls may range from routine monitoring of the radiation to restriction of access to certain authorised employees. An equivalent dose limit applies to the abdomen of women of reproductive capacity for exposure to external radiation, being 13 mSv in any consecutive period of degulations months.


Modification, revocation and saving. Citation and commencement 2.

Regardless of how the Controlled Area is maintained, there is a requirement for a warning sign, located in a suitable position, to indicate all of the following:. Sealed sources must be tested for leakage at least every 2 years and a record of the test kept for at least that period, or until a subsequent test. An employer shall regulqtions put into effect a system of Individuals and organisations wishing to act as RPAs must satisfy HSE criteria of competence and become accredited by either: Approval urr99 dosimetry services.

There is foreseeable access to the area for people whose work does not normally involve radiation.

The Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999

Health and Safety Executive. An entry must be made in the individual’s health record by either an AD or EMA and remains valid for 12 months.

Authorisation of specified practices Reg 6: Women of reproductive capacity. In such a case the equivalent dose limits shall remain unchanged.

Ionising radiation – Radiation legal base

Protection by written procedures A written System of Work may be necessary where the risk assessment indicates that specific procedures would improve radiation protection still further.

Designation of controlled or supervised areas. Co-operation between employers Where the employees of one organisation are potentially at risk of ird99 exposure from the operations of another organisation, there must be cooperation by exchange of information to ensure that the work is in full compliance with the Regulations. In laboratories there will be general requirements for preventing spillages and for cleaning up any contamination arising from a forseeable accident.


Additional requirements for designated areas. The Ionising Radiations Regulations IRR are statutory instruments which form the main legal requirements for the use and control of ionising radiation in the United Kingdom.

The Ionising Radiations Regulations

Reg 6 2 28 days advance notification to the HSE of intent to begin radiation work. Safety features and warning devices – these are designed to prevent unintended exposure and indicate the status of the equipment in normal operation. Duties under the Regs Reg 5: As an update, not a re-write, these two major changes are most likely to affect those working with ionising radiation. Without prejudice to paragraph 9— a the limit on equivalent However, other changes and updates include:.

All employees appointed as classified persons must make themselves available for annual medical examinations during work time and shall provide the doctor with such health information that is asked for. Accounting for radioactive substances. Prevention of leakage from a container holding radioactive material. Plain View Print Options. All engineering controls, warning devices, design and safety features must be properly maintained and periodically examined and tested.