Gideon: The Nightwalkers [Jacquelyn Frank] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. They’re called the Nightwalkers–proud, ancient beings who. Gideon is the second in the Nightwalkers series by Jacquelyn Frank, the first being Jacob. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t read the first book in the series when . In Frank ‘s seductively crafted universe (introduced in last year’s Jacob: The Nightwalkers), demons aren’t the clawed horrors of myth (unless.

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Gideon and Magdalegna are both Demons – not demons as we know them, but a race of people with special talents ability to manipulate fire, to heal, to teleport, to work with emotions, nigghtwalkers. Apr 06, Laura the Highland Hussy rated it liked it. Magdalegna is the Demon King’s baby sister. When Legna quit being a baby there was some really beautiful parts to her and Gideon’s relationship.

Nightwalkers Series

As she armed him, she felt him slipping deeply into her soul, becoming the masculine side of herself. Other than that, it was a great installment, one that managed to engage me back to the series.

When it was finally explained that about 8 years before he saw her in the garden, gave her some really intense kisses, pushed her away and called her a child, well I would have been pissy too. That is so wrong and despicable. She was a doormat when it came to him. But I really did not like this one. Beni tedavi edecek bir Gideon’um yok. I loved the first book, Jacob, and couldn’t wait for this one.

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He exiled himself because of this. And Legna must come to terms with her past in more ways than one. I loved the first book in the series, Jacob. But I want to keep up with the story arch. He naturally wants to protect you. Refresh and try again. Horrified by his lack of control, he left her wanting and furious – and then exiled himself. You are the true source of my power, because without you I am utterly powerless.

Has it never occurred to you that you are simply unwilling to share me with anyone else? You are my territory! This is the second book in the series.

Hissettiklerimi sen de frqnk. A single animal of any species imaginable was the first. Also the scene after the attack in Jacob’s home was a rather flat mirror reflection of a scene with Raven and Gregori in Dark Desire. Gideon is the oldest demon yrs and has loved from afar the King’s younger sister Legna years or so for the last decade.

If I never hear his voice again it will be too soon. But first he needs to regain her trust. A shame considering Ms. Would it kill you to come up nightwqlkers your own material? Jan 04, Lissy Liz rated it really liked it.

At the end of the book, there’s a kind of crescendo as the Nightwalkers fight against the evil humans to protect themselves, but mostly this book is a little slow in action with rather long passages where Gideon and Magdalegna talk about Imprinting with each other and talk to each other telepathically, talk to their relatives, and generally don’t do a lot. I found her charac I am sorry to say that I struggled with this one.


Authors-To Kindle or Not to Kindle? They are going to make an awesome couple. And what happened to her pride?

Demons have a thousands-year-old rule forbidding them from coupling with jacquelyh, who aren’t made to survive sex with the charismatic Nightwalkers; male protagonist Gideon, an ancient healer demon who, naturally, doesn’t look a day over 35has spent eight years in self-imposed exile after attempting to break that law. He was the darkness and the conflict that kept her from becoming too complacent ajcquelyn the soft nature of peace, leaving herself open to the attack of those who were not so honorable in ideals as she would have them be.

Gideon (Nightwalkers, book 2) by Jacquelyn Frank

My best example was when Gideon and Legna finally got to the point of being intimate and the author spent like 8 pages on the mental foreplay. Gideon and Magdelegna now must come to terms with their Fate, the desire they feel for each other, and their blossoming feelings all in the midst of a full-blown battle between human necromancers and javquelyn Nightwalkers He was supposed to like Legna and be attracted to no one else.

During a routine exam, the two become Imprinted, melding their souls, hearts, and giedon bodies together in a ritual as old as time.