Import and Export through the Command Line. ‹ Import .. If necessary, you can find links for downloading JDBC drivers from the Jaspersoft Community website. To prevent horizontal truncation of an Ad Hoc report when exported, set the Actual Size option in the Ad Hoc Editor. Excel (Paginated). XLS. Not recommended. As a Jaspersoft administrator, you can export and import the Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting content. This content includes organizations, Ad.

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The folder named Temp at the root and in every organization is a special folder. See Hive-Hadoop data sources. A list of role names to export. See Jaspersoft iReport Designer. The imported file is handled as a ZIP archive if its name ends in. A URI can specify a resource such as a report. There are two pre-requisites in order for the catalog to contain configuration settings:. When using the js-import command line utility, the jaspeerserver must be stopped to avoid issues with caches, configuration, and security.

Imports any monitoring data that exists in the catalog.

Exporting the Report

Jaspedserver a user includes all user attributes and, in order to maintain consistency, also exports all roles assigned to the user. Select the users to export. See administering JasperReports Server. Imports any audit data that exists in the catalog.


This is very important for the import xeport to avoid issues with caches, configuration, and security. See Command-Line Utilities for guidelines when running the command-line utilities.

Jaspreserver you import a user, if its roles exist in the repository, the user is given these roles. The repository paths shown in this chapter assume you are using a commercial edition of the server. A single organization ID that determines a branch of the repository for export.

JasperReports server should be stopped when using the import and export utilities. This option should only be used in conjunction with –roles.

Access events date, time, and user name of last modification are exported. If you are importing to a different server, you must configure an encryption key on both servers, as described in Setting the Import-Export Encryption Key. Exporting From the Command Line.

Import and Export through the Web UI | Jaspersoft Community

The following examples compare the two commands: When used with –update, users in the catalog are not imported or updated. Jaslerserver body of the response contains the ID of the export operation needed to check its status and later download the file:.

If any server settings have been modified in the UI, those are included as well. To delete the existing resource and replace it with a new one of the same type and with the same URIuse the –update option. The examples in this chapter use the shortened Windows commands without the optional.


Access events date, time, and user name of last modification are exported. For a folder URI, this option exports the scheduled jobs of all reports in the folder and recursively in all subfolders.

JasperReports Server provide functionality to import and export resources and users through the user interface:. The originating server settings must be modified through the UI.

In addition, any configuration or security settings in the imported catalog take effect immediately, without requiring you to restart the server. Then you must enter the keystore password when prompted by the import command.

How to import the entire content of jaspersoft | CA Communities

The roles assigned the users you selected are highlighted. The importArgs argument is optional and can contain more than jaspeserver import option. As of JasperReports Server 5. The monitoring feature must be enabled in the server configuration. Select the roles to export.