On a bright and brisk late September day in , a quartercentury after he had featured the site in his book Pas à pas, Jean-François Augoyard kindly offered. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Jean-François Augoyard and others published Pas à Pas. Essai sur le cheminement quotidien en milieu. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Augoyard, Jean-François, –. [Pas à pas. English]. Step by step: everyday walks in a French urban.

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Conférence inaugurale : Faire une ambiance ?

To be brief about it, allow me to say that, on one side, the question of the proper way of expressing lived experience as communicable under whatever degree of rationality and whatever kind of representation remains an open one, and Hegel’s phrase about the singular remains ever valid “In the time that it would take to say it, it would already vanish”.

O ambiente sensorial das cidades: And yet, an approach to lived experience remains possible in particular through language, including in its mimetic dimension, as you have well noted. This technical apparatus for setting out notions was already practiced a aufoyard deal by Giordano Bruno.

What are the recurrences and principles of production of ordinary configurations that make sense? On the other, the world that was claimed to be “objective” and objectal is auboyard as being for us only a list of properties grasped by our senses, constructed as objects by perception and by operations auoyard which belief takes up a considerable place see the latest theses coming out of international analytic philosophy.


The CRESSON lab has thus been active in the theoretical description and analysis of urban spaces and ambiances, as well as in the practical design of research methodologies. The Acoustic Embodiment of Social Practice. Prises et emprises de la ville sonore. Eds Psicologia e Ambiente.


I do not think that I have fallen into any Heideggerian “gap” on that side. Strauss’s point has since been validated by the neurophysiology of perception. Obviously, the dynamic of the imagination does not pertain to the reproduction of images, which, as one knows today, are not “stored” but, rather, to its “schematic” power in the Kantian sense of producing something between the universal and the singular.

I applied the same method as the one in the thesis to four other Grenoble neighborhoods. As a result, and although reworked over a period of several months during which pages were shed, the published work retained this relative theoretical moderation wherein, notwithstanding the principal authorial references given, the properly epistemological and theoretical debates were passed over in silence.

The ontology that would follow therefrom, were one to carry it out, would not place being under the sign of “abandonment.

The Royal Academy of Music, Stockholm,pp. The dynamics of urban ambiances. I am more sensitive to this today than I was at the time. This evolution of the issue is also what renders both audible and communicable the work done in my laboratory.

Approches disciplinaires et pratiques de laboratoire.

The recent translation of a number of these publications and the creation of the Ambiances network will allow for a larger diffusion of their work, spurring on further international pass. On the other hand, the prerequisite for any research that can be communicated is the search for universals in Step by Step they are rhetorical and rigorousness in one’s approach.


From situated perception to urban ambiences. Rapports de recherche Jean-franoos Thibaud. In Repertorio degli effetti sonori. Having made these general remarks, I would now like to return to the thread of your text and make a number of points that raised questions for me, expressing myself with a sincerity that you will accept, I hope, and that will remind you of that elegant era of courteous but frank disputationes.

Psicologia Ambiental e Politica Ambiental: It might be interesting to note some very recent happenings at the Arlequin housing project.

In The Auditory Culture Reader. A guide to everyday sounds.

THIBAUD Jean-Paul | Laboratoire AAU

To come to your Afterword, the exegesis as a whole is both valid and pertinent. It is in this spirit that I read the locution you wrote, “as phenomenological intentionality metamethodologically. One might therefore want to inquire about this exception.

It is to be noted that I had indeed not yet read Castoriadis between and Cresson, Grenoble,p.